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This canning machine combines 4 heads can rinser,4 heads filler,1 head seamer into one unity, rotary can feeder can be as an option. If you need more informations, please email to This machine is specially designed for microbrewery to rinse can,fill beer into cans and seal cans automatically. Considering the limited area of most microbreweries, this machine is designed as a small size and fast filling speed, sanitary, movable, simple operation. The whole work is control by PLC programming. It can be used inline to be connected with other equipment, such as can depalletizer, labeler, date printer, etc. No Doubt that it is the ideal can filler for all the microbreweries. The basic working process is as follows:

Rotary feeder to feed cans—can rinsing–CO2 purging air–beer filling by long tube–putting lids–seaming–water washing outside–pack off table

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