Monoblock 200L~ 600L Nano Brewing Equipment


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Are you looking for a fully functioned and Easy-to-Use brewhouse? Our brewhouse is a good choice. It’s a monoblock shaped during shipping, so no need to have much work after you receive it. We use pipe diverter to make brewers’ work easier, no need to climb up and down during brewing. Here are more features:

  • Platform is thick and solid with high handrail in case of any falling;
  • Easy to operate and control. We have on and off button of pumps and rakes on the ground;
  • Oversized lautertun for high gravity brewing;
  • Effectively avoid overflow problems with liquid level electrode;
  • Electrical parts safety assurance from international big brand;
  • All valves are from named supplier like Alfa Laval;
  • Sanitary construction seams with sanitary interior polish;
  • Inspected and pressure tested to 2 times operating pressure;
  • Quality TIG welding with sanitary interior shapes.

Why Choose Redwood Stainless Systems?

30 years of industry experience in design and fabrication.

Commitment to quality, reliable performance, and reasonable pricing.

Contact Jessica Zhao:

Phone: 657 345 3375


Elevate your craft, elevate your beer.

  • Manufacturer : Redwood Stainless System, DBA DYM Brewing Solutions
  • Ships From : LA
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