News Brewery Creates First Commercial Beer Using All Unmalted Barley

Cool Cousin Brewing in New York had made a beer entirely from unmalted barley, instead creating wort by adding an exogenous enzyme cocktail in the mash. The process is ostensibly to save water and carbon dioxide in the brewing process.

The first malted barley-free beer Cool Cousins brewed was a Kolsch which is available in cans only in New York.  The company calls the beer a raw beer “because they’re made using 100% raw barley in its natural unprocessed state – bypassing the traditional malting process by using the power of enzymes to conserve both water and energy,” according to the company web site.

Although some in the industry have said the idea is a marketing gimmick, Cool Cousin Brewing founder and CEO John Midgley has defended the project saying that his intention is to create beers that are both flavorful and environmentally friendly.

Midgley claims in an article in the Drinks Business that the process saves 350ml of water and 16g of CO2 per 500ml of beer served.”

See the full story here.

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