News Patagonia Partners with Breweries to Brew Beer with Innovative New Sustainable Grain

Working with Patagonia Provisions, the food and beverage division of the famed outdoor apparel company, Aslan Brewing in Bellingham, WA has brewed a beer with Kernza grain, a “regenerative perennial grain, has the potential to transform the brewing industry.”

The beer is part of Patagonia’s newest program with 11 independent US craft breweries to introduce lager-style beers brewed with Regenerative Organic Certified Kernza and organic ingredients. Each brewery partner’s beer will be available regionally starting June 27th. The objective of the Patagonia beer partnership program is to scale regenerative farming practices and perennial ingredients that improve soil health, restore ecosystems, and help fight the climate crisis.

Kernza stabilizes soil, requires minimal tilling, increases soil organic matter, and improves soil structure and water-holding capacity. Patagonia is confident that ongoing research will also confirm that Kernza draws down and stores more carbon in the soil than annual grains. When used in beer, it adds a rich but subtle nutty flavor. The Regenerative Organic Certified Kernza used in Aslan’s Kernza Lager is sourced from A-Frame Farm, a 1,200-acre Regenerative Organic Certified farm in Madison, Minnesota.

Participating breweries and Patagonia will each contribute 1% of Patagonia beer sales to a local non-profit that supports environmental initiatives and meets 1% for the Planet eligibility criteria.

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