News Party! ProBrewer to Hold Three Happy Hour Events at CBC in Nashville

T-minus seven days and counting. The Craft Brewers Conference is less than a week away and ProBrewer is hosting not one, not two….but three Happy Hour parties in Nashville to keep you orbiting in the CBC spirit. The free events will take place at New Heights Brewing Company, Fait La Force Brewing and East Nashville Beer Works on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday respectively. The events are free but require an RSVP. Read on for details.

Thought Nashville was just about the music? Nope. The town is also home to a bevy of breweries that offer a full spectrum of beer styles and tastes. ProBrewer has joined forces with these three unique, local breweries to showcase the diversity of beer that Nashville has to offer.

Here are the details for all three events:

Sunday, May 7 from 2-5pm – New Heights Brewing Company

New Heights Brewing Company is a small craft brewery in the heart of Nashville. It offers a variety of craft brews including ales, porters, and IPAs. Address: 928 Rep. John Lewis Way S, Nashville TN 37201

Monday, May 8 from 5-7pm – Fait La Force Brewing

Fait La Force Brewing crafts brews predominantly inspired by Belgian-style beers and likes to push the boundaries of predictability and familiarity. Address: 1414 Ave S St. 101, Nashville, TN 37210.

Wednesday, May 10 from 4-7pm – East Nashville Beer Works

East Nashville Beer Works has a variety of beer styles and is focused on community and bringing people together for the taproom experience. Address: 320 E. Trinity Lane, Nashville, TN 37207.

These events are proudly sponsored by:

Lotus Beverage Alliance – Crafting Possibilities

CPE Systems – Practical, affordable solutions for the craft brewing industry

Flottweg – Liquid solids separation solutions for brewers

Beer Marketeers – A creative agency for brands in the beverage industry

All About Beer – News. Podcasts. Analysis.

RSVP REQUIRED. Please go HERE to get your RSVP

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