News Labor Strike at Leinenkugel’s Shuts Down Brewery

Employees at the Molson Coors owned Leinenkugel brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wis. have gone on strike over wages. It is the first labor strike at the brewery since 1985.

The historic brewery was founded by Jacob Leinenkugel in 1857 and was family owned until the family sold the company to Miller Brewing Co. in 1988.

Employees walked off the job, shutting the brewery down as it was beginning to ramp up production for the busy Oktoberfest season. The employees are members of Teamsters Local 662.

Management position employees were said to be trying to ship the packaged beer off to distributors. Molson Coors also brews Leinenkugel’s at two other locations, in Milwaukee and Fort Worth.

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