News John Harris Sells Ecliptic Brand – Closes Brewery

Portland, Oregon’s Ecliptic Brewing, owned by renowned brewer John Harris has announced that the company will close, and the Ecliptic brand will be sold. Harris is without a doubt one of the most respected and well-known pioneering brewers in the country. After a long career in brewing dating back to 1980, he opened his own brewery, Ecliptic 15 years ago.

“Hi all. Our business has been really challenging the past two years. We have encountered so many issues that other small businesses have faced: a pandemic, rising cost of goods, supply chain issues and the overall economic climate,” John wrote on social media channels. “It has gotten to the point where we are no longer able to continue operations, and the company has sold.”

He began is career at McMenamins in Portland, Oregon in 1980. He was the founding brewer at Deschutes Brewing in 1988 and then went to Full Sail Brewing where he brewed for 20 years before opening Ecliptic in 2013.

The Ecliptic brand was purchased by Great Frontier Holdings, a collective of brands such as Ninkasi, Hard Ashland Cider, Wings & Arrows, Voyage Hard Ice Tea and others. John will be involved with the company in product development for future Ecliptic beers.

The closing has sent shock waves through the Portland brewing scene as yet another causality of the local craft brewing community.

“Our restaurant will be open through Saturday, November 18th. Please come join us one last time, and toast what has been a wild ride here on Spaceship Earth,” John said on his social media post.

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