News AB Continues to Shed Craft Brands – Closes Two Craft Breweries

Anheuser-Busch is set to close two more of its acquired craft breweries, Wynwood Brewing in Miami and Golden Road in Sacramento, California. The closures come just six months after AB sold off six of its acquired craft brands.

Wynwood Brewing Company was the first craft production brewery and taproom in the City of Miami when it opened in 2013. The brewery was acquired by Craft Beer Alliance, a subsidiary of AB in 2018. Craft Beer Alliance was eventually folded into the AB complex.

Both the Wynwood taproom and production facility will close, but it was reported that at least some of the more popular Wynwood brands would be brewed at Veza Sur Brewing Company in Miami which is also owned by AB.

AB has also recently closed the Golden Road taproom in downtown Sacramento. It was first opened in 2018. AB continues to operate four other Golden Road taprooms in Southern California.

The latest shedding of craft brands by AB indicates a continuing effort to downsize their craft beer portfolio. Last year AB sold several craft brands to Tilray, sold back an acquired brewery to its original founders and closed the Goose Island original taproom in Chicago. It now appears that AB may be willing to simply close craft brands that they can’t sell.

The global brewer first jumped into the craft category not so much motivated by profit but by needing to satisfy their wholesalers craving for craft brands to stay competitive in the beer sets. That wholesaler appetite for craft beer has not only diminished but has turned the other way as SKU space is being downsized for craft beer and turned over to non-traditional and beyond-beer products.

2024 may see AB and other global brewers adjust their craft portfolios accordingly.

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