News Fostering Brewery Creativity

Beer is a dynamic beverage and even outside of the glass, from taproom experiences to packaging, the industry has fostered an air of creativity that should bring smiles to customer’s faces.

What about brewery employees? The day-in-day-out experience of clocking in and doing the expected work can quickly become rote, just like at any job. If beer is creative, the employees responsible from the brew deck to accounting should also be mentally stimulated to stay happy and productive and hopefully bring fresh energy into the brewery.

Here are a few ways to help keep staff feeling less like button pushers and more like creative outlets for good.

There are a lot of rules or understandings when it comes to the music played at breweries. Sometimes it’s the pick of the brew staff on brew days, other times it’s the beats or artists that best match the aesthetic of a taproom vibe. Now and again, changing up the normal playlist could inspire or just make people move in different ways. The same old play list can become old fast. Switch up the music now and again and see what happens.

Outside Events
Breweries are approached quite often about events in their cities and towns and asked to pour beer. These requests are burdensome, and many times breweries will align with causes and groups that meet personal or professional ethos. It’s a synergy that works because supporters of those groups and charities can be converted to your business, which also supports the cause.

Consider branching out. A few times a year or once a quarter attending events that are outside of your normal wheelhouse. Not only could it expand your consumer base, but it could also open new veins of thought that could help the brewery grow and thrive.

Staff Retreat Days
It’s not uncommon for breweries to put together field trips for the staff to get out of the familiar four walks and to build up comradery. Often, however, these outings involve going to other breweries, or distilleries, or restaurants, businesses in the same overall industry. Why not consider doing something outside of drinks and hospitality?

By finding creative local businesses, from glass blowing studios, to art galleries, nature paths, state parks or historic sites, or even a theme park, getting the brains outside of familiar settings might allow it to wander a bit and find solutions of nagging problems or unlock a new avenue for creativity.

Staying in familiar lanes can breed stagnation. Humans are creative souls who require stimulation. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and to see what might come from changing out the normal behavior and experiences.

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