News Brewers Publications Releases ‘Brewery Safety: Principles, Processes, and People’

Brewers Publications has released their newest book, Brewery Safety: Principles, Processes, and People. The latest in the Business of Beer series aims to equip breweries and teams of all sizes with strategies for preventing, controlling, and eliminating hazards.

An effective safety program can take a brewery from good to great, as there are potential hazards in every facet of the manufacturing environment. Breweries must continually evaluate, educate, and execute safety-conscious measures to ensure that the working environment, the welfare of staff, and the quality of products are prioritized. Brewery Safety outlines how to establish a culture of safety, train staff, and prevent accidents—from physical trauma and chemical irritations to biological hazards and psychosocial risks.

“By providing brewery staff with a toolkit to identify workplace hazards, they become empowered to have frontline insight into controlling and eliminating such hazards,” said author Matt Stinchfield. “Numerous real-life examples in Brewery Safety guide owners and workers towards an effective safety culture that reduces incidents and nurtures mental well-being, job satisfaction, production efficiency, and business success.”

Matt Stinchfield has spent 30 years improving workplace safety, specializing in craft breweries and distilleries for the past 18 years. Stinchfield is the Brewers Association’s former safety ambassador, current Safety Subcommittee member, and past chair. He leads training seminars to inspire and educate U.S. brewery owners and is also an award-winning commercial craft brewer.

The book can be ordered online here and will become available starting August 22, 2023, at select book retailers for $129.00.

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