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Thank you for considering advertising with ProBrewer, the leading industry resource for 70,000 monthly craft brewing professionals to source talent, equipment and suppliers, as well as expertise from peers and experts.

Getting started is fast and easy. Within minutes of claiming your company profile you can start receiving targeted consideration and leads. We offer a number of flexible options depending on your objectives and budget.

Free Profile

1.5x visibility


  • Claim, edit, and post your profile
  • “Verified” badge on profile earns 1.5x more views
  • Generates trust in listing
  • Earns Basic Reporting Package

Profile Plus

3x the visibility

$200/month or $2000/year

  • Includes everything from Free Profile, Plus:
  • Text link promoted in contextual sidebar unit
  • Placements in daily email updates
  • Extra audience 
and performance reporting

Profile Amplified

10x the visibility

$500/month or $5000/year

  • Everything from Profile Plus
  • Company positioning and category preference
  • Company displayed in sidebar unit
  • Premium placements in newsletter
  • Enhanced Analytics Package

It all starts with a profile and your objectives. By claiming your Free Profile the added trust and utility will earn you 1.5x the exposure of an unmanaged profile. For as little as $200/mo you can earn 3x the visibility with Profile Plus and for as low as $500/mo you can earn over 10x visibility with Profile Amplified, which drives awareness, traffic and sales.

More Advertising Opportunities

Sponsorship Packages
Ability to own title sponsorship for your category in Library, Discussion Forums and Added Profile Promotion in email channels. Ideal for positioning, awareness and differentiating your solutions.

Email newsletters featuring product, event, and business opportunity notifications including daily and weekly news summaries are available for sponsorship as well as being included in paid packages above.

Product Catalog Ads
Allied Trade advertisers can post new and available products to our catalog ads which can be promoted via our featured ad designation which also secures premium placement, rotation in daily emails.

Alert Bar
Available when you need to drive immediate, direct response. Limited availability and five-day maximum placement for when you need to drive awareness and action.

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ProBrewer is unlike any other platform, but you may find yourself comparing it to Google, Facebook or craigslist combined–part online marketplace, virtual meeting space and digital tools built with care since 1994 to support the industry we love. Probrewer delivers immediate and ongoing results as the largest daily gathering of professionals. It’s a great complement to your other go-to-market strategies for engaging this vibrant, innovative and growing community.

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Thanks again for seeking to support our efforts and the industry. Ask a brewer and they will tell you ProBrewer is the trusted and beloved resource that has been essential at all stages of their careers.

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