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Distribution is perhaps the most difficult and frustrating issue facing the specialty beer segment. In a highly regulated three tier system, access to market has grown exponentially more difficult for small brewers in just the last decade. Consolidation within the distribution tier has created far fewer and much larger wholesalers to choose from.

Understanding and awareness of these newly created dynamics is imperative to navigate a small brewer’s beers through the distribution and retail tiers and into the consumers hand. ProBrewer.com has created the Distribution Toolbox as a means to disseminate information, empowering the small brewer with the proper tools to achieve proper and successful distribution.

Questions on distribution?

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Distribution 101

It is imperative that the microbrewer know and understand the second tier of the business to ensure their products are adequately marketed and handled after leaving the caring hands of the brewer.

Distribution handbook

Managing your distribution network.

Obligations of beer wholesalers

There are no strictly defined responsibilities of the beer wholesaler, but we’ve made a list of what are considered standard obligations of both parties.

Specialty Beer Distributors meeting a first

The spirit and enthusiasm was radiant at first-ever Specialty Beer Distributors Conference.

Off-site draft sales for brewpubs

Off-site sales can also increase your walk-in business by creating exposure and interest in your brewpub.

Brewpubs and distribution

There are two very good reasons to sell you beer away from your brewery — to make more money and to boost your pub’s profile to attract new customers.

10 tips for a successful distributor sales meeting

Distributor sales meetings are perhaps the single most time effective way to make an impact on your distributors sales force.

Valuing beer distributors

A beer distributor sells for a single price, but simultaneously, has many values.

Glossary of terms

Definitions from “ABC” to “Wine houses.”