Sponsored The Fundamental Brewery Marketing Strategy with Chris Overlay of Get Hoptimized

During this session, I’ll walk you through our Fundamental Brewery Marketing Strategy.

Does your brewery suffer from any of these marketing problems?

You’re not sure if your advertising dollars are being effective

Your events and/or promotions just aren’t working that well

Your business growth is stagnant or going in reverse

You’re trying to sell to anyone and everyone

You’re having trouble standing out from your competition

Here’s the truth, the problems you’re experiencing will not be fixed by only focusing on social ads, SEO, your website, or any other marketing execution tactic. That’s because they have to do with your marketing STRATEGY.

Once you fix the strategy, you’ll find that:

You’ll naturally attract the right customers for your brewery

Your advertisements will resonate with your audience and actually have a profitable impact

Your customers will be excited to attend your events and take part in your promotions

You’ll communicate your brewery’s value clearly, making your competition irrelevant

You’ll have a sustainable and scalable marketing strategy that will grow your business

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to Create Your Target Audience

The Brewery Customer Journey

Marketing Tactics for each Phase of the Customer Journey

How to Measuring Performance and KPIs

This session is great for existing breweries and breweries in planning. Bring your notepads because this will be stuff you don’t want to forget!

Chris Overlay is the founder and CEO of Hoptimized Digital, a digital marketing agency engineered for craft breweries. He has over a decade of marketing industry experience that includes working with hundreds of businesses across the United States and managing millions of dollars in digital advertising spend. Chris has been a founding partner in 5 startup businesses. He started Hoptimized in 2021 because he has a passion for the craft beer industry and for helping small business owners succeed. Chris is also a Homebrewer, dog dad, and is engaged to be married in November.

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