Sponsored The Art of Collaboration: How to Successfully Partner with a Non-Profit with Chris Geib

The Brewing Industry has always been entrenched in the community, supporting causes by what they do best – bringing people together and making great beer! But is it always beneficial for the brewery and industry partners?

This is the question I asked when designing the plan for Brewing Funds the Cure, and the answer to that question is how we implemented the program as well. We, as the non-profit have the duty to create a simple, easy to execute program to alleviate the time a partner has to invest. In the same breath, design it in such a way that will benefit the partners.

For the partner (brewery/industry partner) I like to suggest a simple framework of how to choose the right partner so it will be successful and beneficial.

Step 1 – After Identifying non-profit, do some research to make sure the money they raise is being used for their mission. (Charity Navigator, Guide Star, among others)

Step 2 – Does the non profit have a plan? (General concepts, marketing, etc)

Step 3 – Communication and relationship building (talk with the partners, create long term partnerships)

Step 4 – Have fun!

“Brewing Funds the Cure” is a program designed by the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation to engage in partnerships with the Brewing industry throughout the country. Highlighted by the signature Brew, “Rising Hope” IPA released in September/Oct with 100% of proceeds benefiting the NPCF. Collaborators include Country Malt Group, Yakima Chief Hops, Amoretti Fruit Puree, Blue Label Packaging Co, Taphandles, and Breweries in each state.

In addition, other partners, mainly state brewers guilds (FL, NC, & TX so far) have helped to launch the “”Tap Handle program”” which encourages all breweries within the state to support by picking any brew, using our tap handle and donate $1 per pour for designated month. And now we even have a signature coffee called “”Hope Roast”” through Kahwa Coffee, as we continue growing in the “”brewing”” community.

In the first 3 years, Brewing Funds the Cure, mainly Rising Hope has raised more than $500,000 with expectations of nearly that same amount for our FY 22/23.

About the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation:

The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Tampa, FL. Founded in 1991 we have raised upwards of $35 million and partner with over 30 hospitals nationwide. 87 cents of every dollar raised funds research and new medical trials in order to find less toxic, more therapeutic solutions for childhood cancer. We are proud of our dedication to fiscal responsibility, receiving the highest rating 11 years in a row from Charity Navigator, putting us in the top 2% of all charities nationwide.

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