Sponsored Is My Fruit Pureé Aseptic (and Why Should I Care)?

What is aseptic fruit pureé?

The word aseptic comes from two Greek roots that mean, in essence, not toxic. The aseptic manufacturing process preserves foods and beverages through rapid heat treatment followed by rapid cooling under sterile conditions. By using aseptic processing, potentially harmful microbes are eliminated from products, making perishable fruit pureés shelf-stable and safe for consumption. But that’s not all that aseptic processing and packaging does.

What are the advantages of aseptic fruit pureé?

For brewers and other food manufacturers who place a premium on consumer safety, aseptically processed and packaged fruit pureé is the obvious choice. The aseptic process eliminates the risk of E.coli or other foodborne bacteria that could make consumers sick and damage public relations.

Nutritional Integrity
In traditional sterilization techniques like canning, many of the nutrients are leeched from puréed fruits. The flash-heating process used in aseptic packaging retain more beneficial nutrients, including riboflavin, biotin, and vitamins.

Superior Flavor
For the same reason, the flavor of aseptically processed food products is more robust and satisfying than pureés that have been sterilized in conventional processes like canning. Since aseptic pureés are 100% fruit with no preservatives added, foods and beverages made with aseptic fruit pureé have a more dynamic flavor.

Easy Storage
Aseptically processed fruit pureés doesn’t require dozens of preservatives and additives to stay fresh, and you don’t have to refrigerate or freeze it. You can store your fruit pureé at room temperature until you need it.

Affordable Shipping
Aseptic fruit pureé also reduces the expenses associated with shipping, as no cold chain is required. This particular advantage is especially important during times when supply chains are a serious cost consideration.

Why should brewers care about aseptic fruit pureé?

Pureé Arête’s aseptic fruit pureé offers brewers all of the distinct advantages noted above, and it’s made from the highest quality fruits available. If it’s not fresh and next level delicious, we take a hard pass. That’s because every step in our process – from fruit selection to aseptic packaging – is designed to make your brews the best on the market.

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