Sponsored After the Reckoning: A Safe Bars Experience with Safe Bars

It’s been almost two years since our eyes were opened to some of the toxic behaviors common in brewing culture. While awareness was the first step in building a new culture, we still have work to do to take care of one another and heal. Fortunately, you (the people who work in the industry) are positioned to make that happen!

Safe Bars will guide you in this interactive experience to illustrate why we still need to invest in safer spaces to bring about much-needed change, and equip you with tools to take action. In this workshop we’ll build the ideal taproom culture. The reckoning has us all talking about the changes we need to make to ensure that all people who celebrate with us feel seen, respected, and protected. We will build that environment and experience how it feels so you can recreate it in your establishment.

In this workshop you will:
– Pinpoint the factors that fuel the problem
– Get down to the nuance level to make ripples for big change
– Examine the existing culture from every angle, including
– language used
– the physical environment
– The intangible feeling of “welcome”

And work to build the elements of a healthy, inclusive, respectful culture.

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