Malt storage

Storage of malt on-site:
Malt has a low moisture content of around 3.5% – 5% and is therefore a relatively stable product. Typically regular 2-row malt can last 4 to 6 month (or even longer), darker malts or caramel malts are more sensitive especially as far as aroma thereof is concerned. The shelf life for the latter malts should be less than 3 months between 6 – 8 weeks would be optimal. In general malt needs to be stored dry without the possibility of moisture or water uptake; additional aeration, particular cooling or heating for malt (storage) should not be necessary.

Furthermore malt and the malt storage area should be kept clean, dry and free of dust particles on a regular basis. Rodents or other pests and insects should be kept away.

Bags / Bulk Bags – Should never be stored directly on floor. Placing on a pallet and/or on a rack is desired. Partially used bags should be placed in sealed container.

Silo – The best option is fully welded to the furthest extent possible. These will be outfitted with a fill pipe for direct connection to the PD truck, exhaust connection, pressure relief valve, visual level indicators, and hopper manway access. Material of construction is carbon steel with a powdered coat finish but special coatings are available for more corrosive environments. Used bins should only be considered if they are in great condition. Bolt together bins can develop leaks over time due to the pressure experienced during every fill and the numerous bolts and seams. These also offer minimal savings when labor to assemble is considered. Poor quality or condition of silos can jeopardize the malt.

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