Hop Variety – Dr. Rudi

Pedigree: Derived from New Zealand Smoothcone
Brewing Usage: Dual Purpose
Aroma: Fresh citrus peel, pine and lemongrass flavors
Alpha Acids: 10 – 12%
Beta Acids: 7 – 8.5%
Co-Humulone: 33 – 36% of alpha acids
Total Oil: 1.3 mL/100g
Myrcene: 29.2% of total oil
Humulene: 33.2% of total oil
Caryophyllene: 10.1% of total oil
Farnesene: <1% of total oil General Trade Perception: Delivers a quality, crisp, bitter edge with fine aroma characteristics; often used to balance regional ales and lagers
Possible Substitutions: Unknown
Typical Beer Styles: Ale, Lager
Additional Information: Formerly known as Super Alpha

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