Brewery Floors – Drainage

Drainage Slope – Sloped Floors should be poured with a minimum slope of at least 1/4 inch per foot drop to the drains. This will assure thorough drainage of the floor. During the design phase, laying out the tanks and equipment placements is recommended to determine the optimum positioning of floor drains and drainage slope, always plan ahead for future expansion and growth.

Floor Drains and Plumbing – When selecting Sewer line materials, it’s recommended you choose a material that’s higher in resistance to both chemicals and heat than required (always plan ahead). Drainage plumbing options are endless, but proper piping or cast iron is the best option. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and there may be local regulations and codes dictating which are required. Consult a plumber and make sure all safety and code requirements are met. Mistakes are expensive after the fact. A proper floor design will take into account the type, style, and position of the floor drains.

Floor drains come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

  • Round drains are cheap and easy to install. The drawback of simple round drains is they don’t handle large volumes of liquids well.
  • Rectangular trench drains handle large volumes efficiently but are more expensive. They’re available in materials ranging from plastic (poor) to polyurethane (better) to stainless steel (best).
  • Stainless or mild steel catch basins are a good idea in places where solid debris will be expected in the drainage flow. The catch basin traps and allows solids to settle while the liquid flows out. Stainless steel screens are recommended for easiest clean out.
  • Curbing off areas to consolidate clean up or overflow drainage is a good idea as well. Some good areas for consideration are the Kegging line, Labeling line, Keg wash areas, Fillers, etc.
  • If your floor has poor drainage zones, catch basins with a sump pump can be used but it’s not an ideal solution.
    Slot drains are either loved or hated but serve a great purpose with mass amounts of water drainage and low maintenance.

Installing floor drains directly under bottle or can fillers is not recommended. The rotation of the filler can create a suction vortex, drawing bacteria up from the drain and into the filler area.

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