Sponsored Taproom By The Numbers: Why Data-Driven Breweries Succeed with Nancy Trigg and Kary Shumway

Running a profitable taproom isn’t all flowing tap lines and good times. There’s a method to the madness, and it’s DATA!

Join Nancy Trigg (Arryved POS) and Kary Shumway (Craft Brewery Financial Training.com) as they discuss numbers in the taproom:

-Key Metrics that drive Taproom Profitability

-Forecasting production schedules & BBL Decisions

-Taproom Data driving beverage offering decisions

-Increasing profit in all areas of the business

Taproom sales were the most profitable channel for breweries in 2021. With advice from the experts who live and breathe data, your brewery’s sure to report the same this year. Hear real life examples and ultimately maximize your own taproom profitability!

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