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Sponsored Tap Room Playbook – From Lines to Food Trends, Get Tips to Run Your Brewery Better

The taproom! The epicenter of your brand. We’re excited to have a conversation today on how you can make the most of your guests’ time at your brewery. We hope that you leave with greater strategies for success and inspiration to further maximize your brewery’s taproom experience. After all, it’s not just about making great beer, but also putting out world class hospitality.

We’ll be joined by:
Andrew Burman, Other Half Brewing
Mike Corneille, Pryes Brewing
Tim McLaughlin, GoTab
Tony Ren, Maui Brewing

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We’ll Discuss:

✅Lines – How lines impact the guest experience in your tap room and ultimately, your bottom line.
✅Labor – How to use trend data to predict labor needs and adapt to unexpected peaks
✅Food – Key trends to take advantage of to drive higher beer sales.
✅Technology – What are the most important technologies a brewery needs to consider implementing and what percent of their budget should they plan to invest?
✅Payments – How to provide options that will drive higher check averages and guest satisfaction.
✅Pricing – How to maintain margins without alienating tapped out consumers?
✅Waste – How to use technology to stop wasting old inventory and save on excise taxes, to name a few areas

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