Direct-to-Consumer Sales in the Digital Era

Date / Time: Monday, April 20th, 2020 at 1:00 pm EDT - 1:50 pm EDT (add to calendar)
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Over the past few weeks, the Craft industry was forced to pivot, think creatively, and utilize technology in order to continue to sell its products. Overnight, we saw breweries change their business models and transition their sales online. For CraftCellr, we’ve been trying to sell this trend for quite some time as we saw the benefits of taking taproom sales online. As our brewery partners join the CraftCellr platform, not only are they taking their beer sales online, they’re using a specific technology built for the craft industry. Breweries are also joining a community of their peers and tapping into a growing subscriber base that is willing to spend money and travel long distances for their favorite brews. We are looking 2-3 years in the future and building a flexible platform that is growing with the industry trends, if not creating some of our own. Our partner feedback is what helps us to drive innovation. Breweries that join are constantly benefitting from new features, updates, and customers.

CraftCellr is also a robust membership/bottle society platform. Running a membership should be rewarding not only for your members but for you as well. What many people don’t realize is that creating a membership is a ton of work. Automating things like marketing, notifications, inventory, proxies, member-only pre-sales, and renewals will save you a lot of headaches and set you up for success.

Speaker: Jon Childress, CraftCellr

About CraftCellr: Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, CraftCellr is a leader in direct to consumer technology for the craft beverage industry. CraftCellr partners with craft breweries, distilleries, and meaderies across 18+ states to manage their day-to-day operations for memberships, can/bottle release pre-sales, and event ticketing. CraftCellr was built from the ground up by working with breweries who wanted to streamline their operations and utilize technology to enhance the customer experience.

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