“Skilled in industrial inkjet printing systems”. This is the history of Zanasi, an Italian company known as one of the world’s top industrial inkjet printer suppliers. High technology Made in Italy chosen all over the world. Design, reliability and quality are the Zanasi products’ strengths.

The true advantage of this company is the competence and the passion of the skilled and enterprising staff which writes Zanasi history everyday by integrating its respective skills.

Founded in 1978 in Sassuolo, Italy, Zanasi has two branch offices in Milan and Avellino offering commercial and technical support to the Italian area. The company features a high degree of specialization in Ink-Jet printers production. Its mission is to print permanent marks on any products, from a delicate egg to a ceramic tile.

In the last 10 years, Zanasi has made large investments in company organization, technology and R&D to continue offering new and innovative products to the market. The headquarters are in Sassuolo (Modena), Italy. This strategic choice guarantees the absolute quality control over the all range of Zanasi products. Zanasi claims three international branch offices: in Minneapolis (USA), in Valencia (Spain) and in Guangzhou (China). Through a well-organized global distribution network, Zanasi is proud to be an industry leading supplied of industrial inkjet barcode printers serving over 60 countries in five continents.

Contact Info

Company Contact Todd Fox
VP of Sales
Website https://zanasiusa.com/
Email sales@zanasiusa.com
Main Phone 763-593-1907
Fax 763-593-1941
Address 9490 Hemlock Lane
Maple Grove, MN 55369
United States
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