STL Brew Lab

STL Brew Lab

Your Brewery's Quality Control Laboratory

STL Brew Lab is here to help brewers make the cleanest, most consistent beer possible, help protect profits and help the breweries stay open.

Beer Spoiler Detection –

Microbial Plating
The practice of microbial plating involves periodically sampling your brew throughout the process and seeing what grows. STL BREW LAB can plate your beer and give you information about the presence of low level contaminants present before they becomes a bigger problem.

Genomic DNA is isolated from any microbes swimming around in your beer and analyzed by PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction). STL BREW LAB has PCR assays designed to detect the presence of all common beer spoilers. Next day results available for an additional fee.


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Company Contact James Baus
Main Phone (314) 275-0704
Address 1005 N Warson Rd
Room 122
St. Louis, Missouri 63132
United States
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