Our mission is to invent, not just innovate, high quality brewing equipment and accessories for brewers all over the world. Since our launch in 2013, we have many market “firsts” to our credit including a conical bottomed stainless bucket, a weldless kettle trub dam, an insulated 5 degree sloped floor mash tun with center drain, and an integrated temperature control system custom designed for our Chronical series fermenters. We don’t just talk about great customer service here either – we do it! One customer, one day, and one beer at a time!

We may have more than a few gray hairs around here, but this isn’t some internet startup or incubator project either!

As you generally find with brewers at large, the Ss Brewtech team draws from very diverse backgrounds and skill sets that are held together by a shared passion for making good beer and designing cool brewing Sstuff that we get to share with others – which in turn helps make more good beer! From commercial scale brewing, mechanical engineering, marketing and industrial design, to supply chain, quality, logistics, and customer support – the Ss Brewtech team effectively levers many decades of collective business experiences across a range of industries, products, geographies, and disciplines.

Each of those gray hairs just means we have a lot more experience and wisdom earned over the years to guide this business forward in the coming years!

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Website http://www.ssbrewtech.com
Email info@ssbrewtech.com
Santa Ana, CA. 92703
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