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Better Brewing

Automated yeast concentration and viability in one quick measurement

The Oculyze Better Brewing 2.0 is a hardware software combination – most innovative automated solution to fast yeast viability & concentration analysis. The ultra portable device with a cutting-edge optical scope of a 400 X magnification, comparable to a high end laboratory microscope and is extremely affordable. Oculyze app integrates the latest in technology and provides easy documentation and automatic backup. Compatible with most android phones and tablets.

* Automated yeast concentration and viability in one measurement
* Analyze your samples from anywhere with our mobile microscope
* Access your data and past results from any internet enabled device
* Save time, costs and resources
* Generate customized reporting

Contact Info

Company Contact Dr. Ulrich M. Tillich
CTO & co-CEO
Website https://www.oculyze.net/yeast-cell-counter/beer-brewing/how-it-works/
Email info@oculyze.net
Main Phone +49 151 6171 7961
Fax +49 3375 508 884
Address Hochschulring 1
Wildau, Brandenburg 15745
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