JAS Monitoring

Simple remote monitoring & alerts for your brewery!

JAS Monitoring provides simple, cost-effective and easy-to-use remote monitoring products & services tailored to the brewing industry.

Our services are always easy to install, and incredibly simple to use. You shouldn’t have be an engineer or a scientist to adopt cutting-edge brewery tech.

We offer a growing fleet products, including some with a focus on Fermentation, Carbonation, pH, Chillers/Glycol, Temp/Humidity, CO2, Water Detection, and more.

Everything we provide connects to our brewery monitoring  platform called “Brewing Mission Control”. Available on IOS/Android, or web: links below.

We also love to partner with other product manufacturers / automation providers who have an amazing solution, but are lacking in remote monitoring & alerts.

Reach out, if you’d like your brewery and/or solutions to become “smart”.

Check out our links below, or reach out for a free consultation.

Contact Info

Company Contact Dillon
Website https://jensenappliedsciences.com/
Email dillon@jensenappliedsciences.com
Main Phone 952-594-4530
Address 3000 Bobcat Trail NW
Prior Lake, Minnesota 55372
United States
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