G3, a leading packaging and logistics provider, offers cans and ends with brite cans sold by the pallet and printed by full truckloads. With quick turnaround times, our domestically sourced cans come from various manufacturing facilities: 8oz & 10oz sleek, 12oz std & sleek, 16oz std & specialty sizes: 237ml, 250ml and 330ml. G3 also offers finished good transportation and 3PL warehousing.

Contact Info

Company Contact Catlyn Dzioba
Associate Marketing Program Manager
Website https://www.g3enterprises.com
Email catlyn.dzioba@g3enterprises.com
Main Phone (800) 321-8747
Toll-Free Phone (800) 321-8747
Fax (800) 321-8747
Address 502 E Whitmore Ave
Modesto, CA 95358
United States
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