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High quality, cost effective valves for your commercial and industrial needs.

Flui-PRO Valves is a premier valve supplier of PVC ball valves, PVC check valves, PVC butterfly valves and more. We proudly serve everyone from contractors to end users in the United States and beyond. Flui-PRO Valves offers a cost efficient alternative to pricey valve brands. Our valves have become a staple for many contractors and industrial facilities around the world due to their reliability and price point.

Our line of PVC valves is designed to be a corrosion resistant solution for liquid handling applications. All our valves are made of high quality PVC material for a durable and strong valve without the weight and cost of metal. Our PVC true union ball valve line comes in 1/2″ through 4″ sizes, and includes both socket and NPT threaded ends up to 2″. All our valves are IPS size and fit with standard PVC pipe.

Flui-PRO PVC butterfly valves are a favorite among industrial distributors and industry professionals. Available in 2″ through 12″ sizes, our valves come in lever or gear operator options. Both offer simple control over your flow, with a quality disc control mechanism, valve body and sealing system. Our butterfly valves are used in everything from manufacturing to large scale water parks.

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Company Contact Ron Heisler
Website https://www.flui-pro.com
Email info@flui-pro.com
Main Phone 704-208-1844
Address 235 Tuckaseege Road
Mount Holly, NC 28120
United States
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