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Doemens was founded in 1895 by Albert Doemens. For more than 100 years, the Academy has been an internationally successful training, professional development and consulting institute for the brewing, beverage and food industries. The combination of theory and practice is at the heart of all Doemens programmes. reflecting their commitment to wholistic, innovative thought. Instructors bring field experience and commitment with a high level of competence. The institute provides tailor-made professional development concepts that meet the needs of diverse branches of the brewing and beverage as well as the food industries.

Doemens has maintained an excellent reputation far beyond national borders as a tightly-networked enterprise, with a clear vision and a willingness to innovate. “Doemensians”, as the staff and former students are known, are like family. And Doemens goes the extra mile, offering a complete range of reliably versatile educational and consulting services for the brewing, beverage and food industries:

Education: close integration of theoretical knowledge and practical training.
Savour Academy: the leading international training centre for public relations and marketing for the enjoyment of beer, mineral water and fruit juice.
Professional development programmes: tailor-made for the needs of the beverage and food industries.
Consulting services: practical solutions from and for the industry.
Due to the close interlinking of theory and practice, our training and professional development programmes are unique in the beverage and food industries. It is no surprise, then, that Doemens Academy is the market leader in the training of technical managers for traditional breweries as well as craft brewers, and also offers a wide range of seminars and consulting services.

A key success factor is the uniquely outfitted “Technikum”: an experimental brewery, a filling plant for glass and PET containers, teaching and testing facilities for beer and AfG production as well as for food processing technology. Our laboratory facilities are comprehensive.

The Doemens offer is supplemented by focused consulting and laboratory services.

1895: Founded in Munich (Linprunstraße, Neuhausen district)
1966: Move to the new facility in Gräfelfing
1980: The Technikum is built and technical training is added to the existing Master’s programme
1982: Start of professional development programme for Master of Beverage Production
1985: The Doemens testing and teaching brewery (5 hl) is installed
1989: Start of professional development programme for Master of Food Production
1992: Start of Academy for Advanced Studies for Brewing and Beverage Technology
1993: Start of the Brewmaster College
1993: Start of the Beverage MBA programme
2000: Founding of the World Brewing Academy (WBA)
2004: Launch of the Beer Sommelier Training Programme
2005: Start of the partnership with the Roche corporation for on-site professional development
2010: Installation of the dispensing unit
2017: „Doemens 2020“ launch
2011: Launch of the Water Sommelier Training Programme
2019: Launch of the Fruit Juice Sommelier Training Programme

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Address Doemens Academy for Brewing & Beverage Production
Gräfelfing/Munich, Bavaria D-82155-Gräfelfing
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