Canada Kegs & Packaging

Innovative & Environmentally Friendly Products for the Brewing Industry.

There are many new products surfacing all the time for brewers and distributors alike. Our aim at Canada Kegs & Packaging is to bring these new products to you the brewer.

Our staff has over 50 years combined experience in the Brewing Industry. We come from various segments including ingredients, packaging and brewing.

At Canada Kegs & Packaging:

We deliver innovative, effective and environmentally friendly products which add and retain value for our partners
We help increase your sales by supplying the best products for creating a dynamic presence at the Retail and Licensee level
We deliver award winning brewery supplies and packaging and advice that will help your bottom line
We help you to stand out in an increasingly competitive and cluttered marketplace
We offer the highest level of capability and knowledge in the Brewery Supply Industry
If there is a product you are interested in seeing available from Canada Kegs & Packaging, call us and we’ll see if we can put it together for you!

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Main Phone (905) 220-2311
Address 3600 Billings Court Suite 100
Burlington, ON L7N 3N6
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