Admiral Maltings

Floor-malted, California-grown grain

Admiral Maltings is California’s first new barley malting operation of the modern era. We employ the age old art of traditional floor malting to turn sustainably grown grain from California farmers into quality malt.

Malt floor

Admiral’s small batches enable brewers and distillers to work with freshly-kilned malt with unparalleled flavor and aroma that carries through to the finished product. Malt is the foundation of beer—the heart and soul of a good pint—and where it comes from and when and how it was made makes a world of difference.

Admiral is leading the movement in California to build quality beers and spirits around fresh, local, sustainable malt. Brewing with Admiral helps brewers tell a deeper story of regional beer character and connects drinkers with the farmers who grow our grain, the traditional art of floor malting and the flavor of freshly kilned malt.

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Contact Info

Company Contact Dave McLean
Main Phone 510-666-6419
Address 651A W. Tower Ave
Alameda, CA 94501
United States
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