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Progressing Cavity and Centrifugal Pumps

Progressing Cavity Pump Parts to fit Moyno Seepex and Netzsch

ACCA Pumps manufactures and distributes progressing cavity pumps and pump parts used the the brewery industry mainly as transfer pumps, mash pumps, and spent grain pumps.

Our comprehensive pump part program includes stators, rotors, drive shaft, pin and gear joint parts to fit most manufacturers of progressive cavity pumps used at breweries world wide such as Moyno, Seepex, Netzsch, Allweiler, Inoxpa, and other smaller European or National manufacturers.

Our  standard rubber compounds are precisely formulated for pumping the solids in the spent grain pumps. They are manufactured with the right Shore A to allow the solids to through the progressing cavity pumps. Furthermore, our rotors are coated with at least 250 microns of hard chrome plating for years of functionality and performance.

Our standard warranty of two years against manufacturing defects for our spare parts and our know how of rotors and stators will outperform any other manufactured including the Original Equipment. All our parts are made to fit and perform at a lower cost of total ownership to you.

If you are looking for a new application for your brewery or have existing pumps requiring spare parts such as Seepex, Netzsch, or Moyno, we would love to share our passion and expertise for progressing cavity pumps.

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