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Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Kegs by Keg Logistics

Keg Logistics has 4 Options to Save You Money on Kegs Featured Keg Programs FLEX TERM RENTAL Need a program that can adjust to your immediate growth needs - without committing to a larger keg fleet? Our flex term rental program offers a variety of options to fit your demand. Rental terms available for 18 or 48 months Short term rentals to meet seasonal demand Long term rentals with low monthly rates to manage your cash flow. RENT-TO-OWN Make sure every payment goes towards final ownership of your kegs. Your buyout costs are lowered over time as you build equity in the eventual purchase of your kegs. Save hard-earned capital for other brewery needs Keep keg payments off your balance sheet Finalize ownership on your timetable PAY-PER-FILL Get kegs when you need them. Just fill, ship, and forget. We handle the rest. Lock-in Your Rates with No Annual Price Increases...

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Kegs by BLEFA Kegs

Pricing Starting at: 1/2 bbl - $110.00 1/4 bbl - $83.00 1/6 bbl - $73.00 All Kegs have been: Internally and externally washed with BLEFA’s Ultra High Pressure service line. All spears have been broken down, ran through an ultra-sonic parts wash and reassembled with new CO2s and internal and external springs.  Spears are pressure-checked before mounting into keg. Each keg is pressurized to 35 PSI before camera system tests for correct position of circlip and then the entire keg is leak tested. All kegs have had their previous branding and stickers removed before polishing to a bright shine. Kegs can be silkscreened. Limited Quantities Act Fast!

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Barrels by Steve Mono

3 15HL (12.6bbls) Foeders, used for around 3 years at Black Project Spontaneous Ales in Denver CO. All full and in like new condition. Free premium Belgian air locks included if buying all three. They come on skids for easy forklift/pallet jack moving $14.5k for all three or $6k each, email for a shipping quote or more details

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Kegs by Shane/Amy/Jonn & the Team --- New & Used Kegs ---

3000 x 1/6 BBL kegs - Used American standard D sankey all-stainless-steel (de-branded). Used once, some actually new. Micromatic valves. $69.95 ea. 2000 x 1/2 BBL kegs - Used American  standard D Sankey all-stainless-steel, (de-branded). Rebuilt with new C02 valves & gaskets.   $74.95 ea. - 2000x Firestone 1/2 BBL Kegs - Used American standard D Sankey all-stainless-steel (debranded). Rebuilt with new C02 valves & gaskets.  $74.95 ea., 1000 x 1/4 BBL (tall) kegs - Used American standard D Sankey all-stainless-steel, (de-branded). Rebuilt with new C02 valves & gaskets if needed.  $71.96 ea. - 1000 x 1/4 BBL (squat) kegs - Used American  standard D Sankey all-stainless-steel, (de-branded). Rebuilt with new C02 valves & gaskets if needed.  $39.96 ea. - Can ship immediately. Shipping from Ontario, Canada. Tax-free for US customers. We handle all shipping arrangements & customs clearance. Pricing is in USD.  Please send all inquiries to: [U]All used kegs are repaired, pressure tested and...

Keg Rentals!


Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Kegs by Shane/Amy/Jonn & the Team --- New & Used Kegs ---

Looking for a no-term rental? Lawson Kegs offers keg rentals in both Canada and the USA, for all sized kegs (1/6 bbl / 20L,  1/4 bbl / 30L, 50L and 1/2 bbl / 58.6L).  Rent for a short-term pilot project, or for as long as you need.  Give us a call or shoot us an email to get your quote today or to ask about our prices.

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Kegs by Shane/Amy/Jonn & the Team --- New & Used Kegs ---

Used 1/2 bbl kegs available, top chimes have been knurled out to be rid of any branding. Micromatic spears. USA made. 6000x quantity. Price breaks available at certain quantities, mention this ad. Other sizes available. (1/6 bbl, 1/4 bbl, 50L)  

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Canning Equipment by dmeehan

We are looking to scale to Microcanner's MC Max and looking to sell our MC Craft [~9 months old] that has reliably run 34-36 CPM on standard 12oz cans. Microcanner's customer support is unbelievable and has always gotten us replacement parts next day. We are still under our 1-year warranty that will transfer to new owner. We purchased the unit for ~$77,000 - asking $65,000 with free shipping to lower 48-states. Up to 38 cans per minute CO2 can purge Under cap CO2 Automatic filling Automatic purge Automatic lid application Automatic seaming Cans supported: LOE 202 8,12,16,19oz and sleek 8,12oz Sleek kit needed for infeed Washdown rated 4 Filler Heads Rinse tunnel

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Christopher Kilcommons

Bevcorp / Crown 40 Valve Can Filler with Angelus 61H Filler - Seamer on common base runs Carbonated or Non-carbonated Beverages / Hot or Cold Fill This Bevcorp 40 Valve Can Filler with Angelus 61H Seamer is capable of running carbonated or non-carbonated beverages, hot fill or cold fill. Equipment is currently set running 202 can ends in sizes 7.5 oz sleek and 12oz & 23oz standard aluminum cans. The electrical panel has late model Allen Bradley controls with operator interface for safe user-friendly operation. The pair comes with a Vacuum Barrier Nitrogen Doser and Lincoln lubrication panel to maintain continuous performance. Includes mechanical safety guarding, operator platform, handling parts and operator manual. This system was last used for packaging carbonated beverages and hotfill non-carbonated beverages. Optional Entech Rotary Feed Can Air Rinser and Simplimatic Bulk Can Depalletizer are available at extra cost. The equipment is regularly maintained and available...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Christopher Kilcommons

CFT 20 Valve Can Filling Line with Seamer.  Last ran 12 and 16oz aluminum cans with 202 lids.  Speeds up to 140 cpm. Can Line Description; - CFT Empty Can Twist Rinser- Water Rinse Dual Can Rinser with Change Parts for 12oz & 16oz aluminum cans - CFT 20 Valve Can Filler - Seamer, Model RS20, 480v-3ph-60hz, year 2013 Model MASTER CAN TRONIC RS 20/4, Serial No. 8769, 480 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 Ph, CFT 4 Head Can Seamer, Model 3000/4, year 2013, Stainless Steel Free Standing Electrical Panel, Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC, Allen Bradley PowerFlex VFDs, - Conveyor & Automation Stainless Steel Full Can Conveyors, 4.5” Wide, (no electric panel controls) - Carleton Helical Technologies Can Invert / Re-vert System, 12 oz & 16 oz Change Parts, - Videojet Ink Jet Coder - In-Line Pressure Sensitive Wrap Around Labeler, Model Paradigm 700 - Stainless Steel Flow-through Conveyor Table with...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Jeremy Sanders

Crown Bevcorp 72 Valve Can Filler with Angelus 120L Seamer Pricing and Questions: Austin Hart (910) 639-0016 Or Item Type: Can Filler Manufacturer: Crown Bevcorp – Angelus Model: Uniblend 72 – 120L Last Use: Energy Drinks Year: 2013 Dimensions: 20x8x8 Condition: Good Last ran energy and soft drinks on 12oz. and 16oz. Standards cans up to 1100 cans per minute, Also has change parts for 12oz. Sleek, Filler and Seamer have been well maintained, Setup for 202 lids, Can Filler has stainless steel frame, Filler and Seamer are mounted on common stainless steel frame, Chucks and rolls in good shape, Includes Lube Panel and Control Panel, Tipless Valves on Filler, Quick Change Back Rests, Stainless Steel Guarding Around Filler, Allen Bradley Operator Panelview Touchscreen, CIP Cups, Available April 2024

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Kegs by Schneider Industries

All New 2023 MicroMatic Spears -- Approx (1800) 1/6 Sixtel BBL Stack-able, completely refurbished by a major keg servicing company, Fully Tested, Refurbished Kegs are 6-10 years old with new 2023 MicroMatic Stems, Pressure Tested, Polished, De-Branded, Excellent Kegs. THEY ARE NOW LIKE BRAND NEW KEGS LOCATED IN ST LOUIS, MO STACKABLE SIXTEL 1/6 BBL ($59) MINIMUM ORDER: 60 kegs min. (we can fit 20 kegs on a single pallet and they are triple stacked and stretch wrapped -- Total of 60 kegs) -- (Pay with wire or credit card.  2.5% credit card fee would apply) WE HAVE STACKABLE HALF BBLS ALSO!!! All KEGS are empty and did Ales and IPA Beers ONLY.  (no sour or ginger beer) These kegs are in excellent condition. See photos. TEXT OR EMAIL DIRECTLY  Customer pays all trucking. Call or text 314-518-474-one    Josh — email: jjbuss @ yahoo dot com or joshb @ schneiderind...

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Kegs by Schneider Industries

1000+ of the STACKING &  NON-STACKING 1/2 and 1/6 bbl kegs ONLY . Kegs are from 2016-216 . Being sold from a Closed Brewery located in St. Louis, MO Warehouse.  Kegs were recently taken out of service and just got back from Distributor.  All kegs held pressure, no leakers.  NO SOURS OR GINGER BEERS in these kegs.   $70 for Half BBL -- Stacking $60 for Half BBLS -- Non Stacking $47 for Sixtels -- Non Stacking WE SELL THEM TRIPLE STACKED SO THAT IS -- (24) HB Min order ....or 60 SIXTELS Min Order Kegs are made by either INK KEG or NDL KEG.  Both are good quality Chinese Kegs. Again these are these are BOTH STACKING AND NON-STACKING -- Tell us which kind you want... (We also have newly refurbished Sixtel Kegs with brand new 2023 MicroMatic Stems...) TEXT OR EMAIL DIRECTLY  Customer pays all trucking. Call or text...

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