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Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by Kyle Bergen

We have at least 40+ left.  $75 each or we can make deal for a larger quantity. Used for Kombucha. We have switched over to single use kegs and no longer need these. Purchased from MoreBeer a few years back. Local pick up is preferred but willing to ship if necessary.

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by Chad Grieve

Lightly used Kegs 168, 1/2BBL Sankey D.  supplyed by "Gopher kegs" now "G4 Kegs" they are mold Embossed (PENTAGONAL BREWING CO) afew are painted. 8 pallets, 24 to a pallet  $75ea~$1800 ,pallet 48, 1/6 BBL Sankey D. from (Stout Tanks) 1/6 are blank, afew are painted $55ea~$2640,all These kegs are Very Lightly used only 3 or 4 fills all in house All in good working order and have been cleaned and purged. Buyer arranges shipping, and we are happy to break up  if you do not want them all.  $75 per 1/2bbl keg. $55 per 1/6 bbl Chad 760-457-1634

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by Brey Sloan

80 sixtels (1/6 bbl kegs) with Micromatic Sanke D spears for sale.  The sixtels are not embossed, they are primarily marked with stickers and some are painted.  They have been cleaned with a strict caustic, acid and steam regime. $46 each, minimum order 20 (one pallet). Buyer pays shipping from 30901.

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by Bella Ludwig

1/4 BBL Standard D Sankey kegs available. There are 160 of various branded kegs. Kegs are already palletized. $45 per keg, but open to volume discount pricing. Buyer responsible for shipping from 55104.

Used Product Ad posted 7 months ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by AM Jade Company

1,000's in stock. Several types available, priced from $53/keg and up. Please email for details.

Used Product Ad posted 8 months ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by BLEFA Kegs

MISSION STATEMENT The Steel Keg Association is the non-profit marketing organization focused on increasing the volume of beer and other beverages served from stainless steel kegs and to shine a light on the advantages of reusable containers. CIRCULAR Steel kegs’ reusability and 30+ year lifespan help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts according to a new ISO-14040 framework Life Cycle Analysis from Deloitte EFFICIENT Steel kegs deliver bulk liquids, driving superior economic benefits for bars and restaurants FRESH Consumers appreciate the uniquely “fresh” draft experience.  From the first pour to the last sip, there is nothing else like it in the beverage industry DRAFT IS THE MOST SUSTAINABLE / CIRCULAR CHOSE FOR ON PREMISE As a founding member of the Steel Keg Association (SKA), we are committed to making the global keg supply chain more sustainable.

Used Product Ad posted 8 months ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by BLEFA Kegs

For more than 100 years, Blefa Kegs Inc. has been producing quality products that are proudly "Made in Germany."  Blefa Kegs Inc. is the world's leading provider of stainless steel kegs which offer maximum safety and reliability in the market.  Since the company's very beginning, our drive and commitment toward the highest quality standards deliver innovative, effective and environmentally-friendly products. What are the expectations from Blefa kegs? Investment in automation and quality control systems that ensure the highest level of precision and process reliability Highly qualified, technical and sales staff provides comprehensive support from customer outreach to order delivery and beyond Reliability in a product backed with a 30 year warranty Only manufacturer with comprehensive keg service capabilities in North America Quality products that are proudly “Made in Germany” Fast & Flexible inventory from multiple U.S. locations with full branding capabilities for smaller volumes or direct to door container deliveries...

Used Product Ad posted 8 months ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by BLEFA Kegs

STAINLESS STEEL KEGS FROM A LEADER IN QUALITY Metal processing has been our main focus for more than 125 years.  We started producing stainless steel kegs for the beverage industry at our site in Kreuztal, Germany 1968 and have since grown into the world’s leading manufacturer of kegs. The outstanding expertise of our employees combines with the unique design of our kegs make us a partner you can count on for robust, top-quality beverage containers that will stand up to daily use for a very long time. Our kegs are suitable for filling with beer, wine, soft drinks, and more. They are equipped with your choice of fittings (spears for filling and dispensing) and can be customized in a multitude of ways. What keg sizes are offered from U.S. inventory? US: 1/2 bbl, slim 1/4 bbl, 1/6 bbl Euro: 50L Slim: 10L, 20L, 30L Party Barrels: 10L, 20L, 30L What...

Used Product Ad posted 8 months ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by BLEFA Kegs

Only functional kegs secure your long-term success. We know that even the best, high quality kegs can be damaged in their rough daily environment. That’s precisely the reason why we have our own service offerings.  Gain global knowledge from local services with BLEFA. Proactive keg service can easily prevent problems in your cleaning, filling and dispensing processes and reducing losses in market. How can BLEFA Help? Single Source Provider for all needs Keg Service is a dirty job, leave it to the experts so you can get back to doing what you do best. Why Choose BLEFA? 152K+ ft2 across all two US facilities Over 2M Touchpoints per year 95 uS-Based Employees OEM Certifications Offering Tailored Customer Approach Mobile Options Available Environmentally Friendly Serial Sequencing for Inventory Management / Preventative Maintenance Program QUALITY Prior to Service 2D Serial Sequencing Capture Pre-Service Visual Quality Check Decant & Depressurize for Safety Prior...

Used Product Ad posted 8 months ago in Kegs and Kegging Supplies by BLEFA Kegs

All Kegs have been: Internally and externally washed with BLEFA’s Ultra High Pressure service line. All spears have been broken down, ran through an ultra-sonic parts wash and reassembled with new CO2s and internal and external springs.  Spears are pressure-checked before mounting into keg. Each keg is pressurized to 35 PSI before camera system tests for correct position of circlip and then the entire keg is leak tested. All kegs have had their previous branding and stickers removed before polishing to a bright shine. Kegs can be silkscreened. Limited Quantities Act Fast!

Used Product Ad posted 12 months ago in Kegs by Keg Solutions

Keg Solutions Flexible Financial Options We offer: Keg Sales Lease-To-Own Keg Programs Simple, Short-Term Keg Leasing Options In-House Silk Screening and Custom Embossing One of the most cost-effective solutions for growing breweries is our NEW Lease-To-Own program. You get your kegs immediately at a low monthly price, PLUS, we will include complimentary embossing. CONTACT US FOR OUR BEST PRICE! 800.413.7936

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