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Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Kegging Materials by jtmartin72

We have 70 used 50L kegs for sale. Asking $45/ea or best offer, plush shipping. 27 per pallet x 2 pallets and one pallet with with 16. Please contact John Martin.

Used Product Ad posted 3 months ago in Kegging Materials by BLEFA Kegs

Only functional kegs secure your long-term success. We know that even the best, high quality kegs can be damaged in their rough daily environment. That’s precisely the reason why we have our own service offerings.  Gain global knowledge from local services with BLEFA. Proactive keg service can easily prevent problems in your cleaning, filling and dispensing processes and reducing losses in market. How can BLEFA Help? Single Source Provider for all needs Keg Service is a dirty job, leave it to the experts so you can get back to doing what you do best. Why Choose BLEFA? 152K+ ft2 across all two US facilities Over 2M Touchpoints per year 95 uS-Based Employees OEM Certifications Offering Tailored Customer Approach Mobile Options Available Environmentally Friendly Serial Sequencing for Inventory Management / Preventative Maintenance Program QUALITY Prior to Service 2D Serial Sequencing Capture Pre-Service Visual Quality Check Decant & Depressurize for Safety Prior...

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