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Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Fermenters by nicholasax

We have 4 - 30 BBL uni tanks we purchased in 2019, they have been stored in our warehouse since then. $14,000 (make me an offer) Selling 1,2,3 or 4, make an offer for bulk discount. These were shipped before tax tariff skyrocketed in 2020. Custom dry hopping port, glycol jackets, PRV, Blow off arms, carb stone, pressure gages, stainless steal external glycol tubing with tri clamp fittings if you would like.  We didn't use this feature since our space was a little tight.  We currently have one of these in our fermentation space and have been using it since 2019. I can deliver one at a time if local for a fee, we do all our rigging and can help with putting them on trailers/trucks ext... These are still on original frames from shipping so it makes it easy to move and saves you money on rigging. Can email...

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Fermenters by BibcoBrew

(4) 30BBL DCI Fermenters For Sale. DCI quality is second to none. The finish and welds on these tanks are incredible. These tanks new were over $40k and to build today would be far more. If you're looking for some showpiece fermenters, look no further. Available immediately. Matching 30bbl bright tank also available. Call with questions or to request more photos. UPDATE: Two have sold. Two left available for sale.

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Fermenters by Chris Fish

90 bbl Premier Stainless FV. Great Condition. All fittings and Clamps included. Buyer responsible for Cradling and Shipping  

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Fermenters by Chris Fish

2019 Deutsche 90 BBL FV Uni-Tank. Great condition. All fittings and clamps included. Buyer responsible for cradling and shipping.

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Fermenters by Chris Ward

5 year old, well maintained 30 bbl fermenter from QTS for sale. We are making some upgrades to the brewery and trying to make room. Everything is in good working order, tank has been well maintained.

Used Product Ad posted 7 hours ago in Fermenters by Dale Heinlein

Fermenters 3mm Inner Tank Wall Thickness 2mm Outer Cooling Shell Thickness 2" Thermal Polyurethane Insulation with both cone and shell cooling jackets Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve Pressure Gage, Liquid Filled Large Dial Thermometer with a 10" probe Spinning CIP Ball  Hop Port  Shadowless Manway Tri Clamp Fittings on all ports including Glycol Ports Dedicated blow off tube NPT on temp control thermowell Sample Valve 20 PSI working pressure, Tested to 45 PSI Internally Polished to 2n Sanitary Finish All Fermenters are designed for 25% Head Space 4 butterfly valves, outlet, racking arm, cip, blow off

Used Product Ad posted 1 year ago in Fermenters by Ripley Stainless Ltd.

Dimensions: 48” ID x 53” OD x 72” sidewall OAH 141” Nominal capacity plus 25%, ASME dished head, 1 ½” removable CIP c/w rotating sprayball plus 1 ½” tee, 4” dry hop, 60°cone angle, cooling jacket 35-40% sidewall coverage plus cone jacket-max 20 psi, (1) 9” thermowell, 1 ½” PRV, 2” insulation and cladding, R-12 value (cone & sidewall only), side oval manway, K33 sample valve, 1 ½” J-pipe drain, 1 ½” racking, 4 stainless legs, c/w adjustable feet. Maximum tank pressure 14.9 psi, all 304 2B stainless steel OD mig welds and strip polished ID welds tig welded and heat stain removed  

Used Product Ad posted 5 days ago in Fermenters by Patrick Pennington

I am selling 3 of these 2015 Prospero 60 BBL Jacketed Fermenters. They are in great shape and ready to ship. They are approximately 15 ft tall and 7 ft wide. The tanks are located in Danville, Indiana which is roughly 30 minutes west of Indianapolis. The drawing is available upon request, just email me at pat@backstepbrewing.com.

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Fermenters by David Petrie

Get your 50 bbl foeder for ½ the cost as a new one.  Heathen Brewing is shrinking it’s foeder program and is selling one of its 50 bbl foeders.  This foeder has been used to create amazing mixed culture beers and is ready to get back to work!  Currently being stored with a citric acid solution + KMS.  Sale Price $10,000 + Shipping  50 bbl Standard Foeder manufactured by Foeder Crafters of America Top manway CIP/Blow off Arm with ball Racking Arm Cooling plate Wooden stand 77" W x 92" H (add some for blowoff arm and support base) Purchasing the same foeder brand new will cost $21,000.00 + shipping - https://www.foedercrafters.com/price-list

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Fermenters by Wyatt Barger

We have four Newlands (NSI) conical fermenters for sale that are used, in good condition, and made in Canada. The price of $12,000 is for each fermenter, not the lot as a whole. The units have been used as recently as October 2021. Please contact for any more information you may require, we are open to any discussions and offers about the unit. Buyer is expected to cover the cost of shipping. More pictures are available on request, there was a problem when posting the classified advertisement that prevented them from being added to this listing.

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Fermenters by Steven Zack

Two 7BBL jacketed Unitanks with sample port, carb stone, PRV, front man way and CIP spray ball.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Fermenters by james reece

For sale as a package. 2x 3.5bbl Ss brewtech unitanks with 3/4hp Ss glycol chiller. All were purchased new in 2022 and are in really good condition. New, this setup is $14k. Asking $10k for everything. I am willing to split everything, tanks 4750 each and 1500 for the chiller. If you are local, I am more than happy to show you in person that these are still in operation and not crated. Buyer is responsible for shipping.  We can palletize everything if needed and do have a forklift to load a truck.

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