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Used Product Ad posted 1 month ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by O'Neill's Brewing & Equipment

USED BREWING SYSTEMS OF ALL SIZES 3-15 BBL !  ENGINEERING & INSTALLATION SUPPORT AVAILABLE ! ALL TANKS AND EQUIPMENT ARE FACTORY TESTED & CERTIFIED ! SAVE ON TRUCKING COSTS !  WE ARE A  US COMPANY & HAVE DISTRIBUTION CENTERS ALL OVER THE US ! WE DO ON-SITE INSTALLATIONS ! COMPLETE ENGINEERING SERVICES ! Proudly serving the craft beer industry for over 27 years ! We specialize in working with start-ups and brewery expansions! Over 150 new brewery start-ups in the last few years ! Used System Features Include: Steam, Direct Fire, or Electric brewhouses UL Listed Motors and Electronics 2 Stage Heat exchanges for maximum efficiency and speed (ales & lagers) Oversized mash tun and kettle for high gravity beers Extra capacity in glycol system for future tank expansion Shadow-less manways in all cellaring tanks Glycol piping, insulation, solenoids, and control wiring included Systems can run on single or 3...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Heidi Googe

AMC Auction – Pariah Brewing Company Baltimore, MD: 20 BBL Brewhouse & Complete Brewery Equipment Auction All Brewery Equipment Including: PREMIER STAINLESS - 20 BBL Steam Fired Brewhouse, 40 BBL Jacketed Conical Fermentation Vessels, 40 BBL Jacketed Brite Tanks, PREMIER STAINLESS - 16 Channel Cellar Temperature Controller and much more! End Date: Jul 16 @ 2:00pm EDT (End) Inspection: Monday, July 15, 2024, 9:00 AM Auction Location -   1700 Union Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212, US Auction Link: For more information, contact Jeff Johnstonbaugh at 360-900-9676 or Equipment List: 125 lots Premier Stainless 20BBL Brewhouse Premier Stainless – 20BBL Steam Fired Standalone Kettle (7) 40BBL Fermenters Cellar Pump Premier Stainless Temp Controller Panel – CPFV 16 Microcanner Weber Best Code Printer Pak-Tek Can Handle applicator Xpressfill XF2500 filler Premier Stainless Keg Washer Roppi 1100 Grain Mill Forklift Columbia Steam Boiler Walk in cooler 12 Tap long draw draft system Keg Shelving...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Mike Stevenson

This brewery sale includes everything on-site, the trademark (Mad Hatchet Brewing LLC), the brand, the recipes, distribution account information, everything stored on-site & off-site associated with the brewery, we even threw in the brewery sink, and much much more. The brewing system is a DME 10bbl (3-vessel) system, with an oversized boil kettle. Currently the brewery is cellared with (5) 10bbl unitanks in the brewery and with a 10bbl single jacket serving tank and a jacketed 3.5bbl unitank stored off-site to be transferred to the brewery when needed. This brewery is 5 years old, with a great following, and amazing regulars. It was opened by a husband and wife duo to expand our hobby out to others, proven with the 30’ community table in the center of the taproom. Now that our family has grown to 4 children and multiple farm animals, there is not enough time in the day/week/month/year...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Jeff Tobin

Custom desinged steam-fired 20bbl brew system from JVNW. Three vessel system includes heated mash mixer, lauter tun, kettle, 56bbl hot liquor tank (steam jacketed), 56bbl cold liquor tank (glycol jacketed), very large hop back (can hold ~200 lbs fresh hops), heatex. Every vessel includes a pump, and all liquid transfers are hard piped. See controls panel for details. Includes flow meter between LT and kettle for managing runoff rate during sparging. Pre-designed for a whirlpool from the factory. Prefer to sell with fermentors and brites (4x20bbl unitanks, 2x40bbl fermentors, 1x80bbl unitank, 1x20bbl brite, 1x40bbl brite. Will be posting pics of those tanks soon. Will neotiate price, especially as a full bundle. This system is ideal for lagers and Belian beers in addition to IPAs. Can run a single decoction and complex multi-step mashes for authentic old-world beer styles. Can end more pics if seriously interested.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Charles MacLean

15 Bbl Prospero High Gravity Brewhouse including HLT, Mash, Lauter Tun with rakes and plough, Brew Kettle Whirlpool, Platform, Control Panel and Plate Heat Exchanger 1 20 HP Columbia Low Pressure Steam Boiler (US) 1 Engl 2 Roller Malt Mill (Germany) 4 30 Bbl Prospero Fermenters 2 60 Bbl Prospero Fermenters 1 60 Bbl Brewery Trader Fermenter (China) 1 30 Bbl Prospero Bright  Tank 1 60 Bbl Prospero Bright Tank 1 10 HP Whaley Glycol Chiller (US) c/w George Fischer piping (SOLD) 1 Spadoni 3 Sq M DE Horizontal Leaf Filter (Italy)(SOLD) 1 Portable Pump - Centrifugal 1 1/2 HP (US) 208 3 phase 1 Portable Diaphragm Pump (US) 1 Rotary Air Compressor 10 HP (Canada) 1 5 HP Keeprite Refrigeration Unit c/w Fan Units (US) 600v 3 phase(SOLD) 1 Cask 5 Head Canning Line c/w Twist Rinser (Canada)(SOLD) 1 Keg Washer/Filler (Needs work) (China) Electric Forklift Charger for above...

Used Product Ad posted 20 hours ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Jackson Borgardt

We bought a brand new brewhouse that was installed last fall and are selling this awesome brewhouse. It is already broken down and ready to be shipped. The man that installed the system also broke it down and everything is labeled for easy install. I can put you in contact with him as he can help ship it out and install it as well. 2020 QTS 3 vessel 20bbl fully automated brewhouse with a 60bbl CLT and HLT. spent grain auger with automated knife gate. Strike water temperature is fully automated by blending CLT and HLT water to hit set point. CIP is done automatically as long as chemical is dosed in the man way.  Remote capability and can be operated with a tablet on an app. Automation is done by Stone technologies who can remote in and aid in any issues as well as do any sort of custom...

Used Product Ad posted 6 days ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Jason Elliott

We’re selling everything we have to scale back on our businesses. Everything is in good condition. $200,000 gets you everything in our brewery. 3.5bbl Blichmann Electric Brew system with control panel, 2 pumps, hoses, heat exchanger, everything that came with it. 2 - 3.5bbl unitanks 2 - 7bbl unitanks 2 - 7bbl fermenters 2 - 7bbl brite tanks Blichmann keg washer Charcoal filter 7.5hp glycol chiller Air compressor Extra tank cleaning floor cart pump 2 pallet jacks 2 heavy duty grain storage racks Large foot press elevated cart 4 tap jockey box Extra hoses, triclamps, gaskets, site glasses, tons of miscellaneous parts and tools. All the things collected over 6 years of brewing. Zahm bottle 2 AO Smith tankless water heaters 2 stainless work tables 50 1/2bbl kegs. They have our logo etched on them. It can be scratched off or just put your wrap over it. I have a...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Justin Catalana

We are selling our 2016 four vessel premier stainless brewhouse. Link to photos. We brewed 30k bbls / year on this system, four turns a day / seven days / week. Very well maintained. The price above includes everything you need to operate: brewhouse, mill, boiler, hot liquor & cold liquor. Will include plenty of fittings and parts, as well as one mobile pump. Brewhouse: 20 BBL / 2400 L 4 Vessel Micro-Brewhouse with separate Mash Tun and Whirlpool Includes: Mash & Lauter Tun vessels Brew kettle with steam jackets Whirlpool vessel Stainless brewhouse work platform & stairs Brewhouse tank lights Milled Lauter Tun floor Under screen CIP/flush Complete hard piped SS brewhouse manifold Enclosed Wort sight glass/manometer set up for Wort run off Digital SS flow meter for mash in/sparge water Cold water blend valve with analog thermometer Sanitary centrifugal Wort pump - with 2 HP/1.5 KW SS motor...

Used Product Ad posted 8 months ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Sound Brewing Systems

Mid 90's built and in great condition.  De-commissioned and in storage, available now; 15BBL direct fire brewhouse; copper clad showpiece! 65k Manifold system includes Heat Exchanger and 500 gallon CLT. Qty 6 - 15bbl fermenters, glycol chilled $6,750. each Qty 5 - 15bbl serving tanks with carb stones $2,250. each Glycol Chiller $6,750. 2 Roller Mill with auger $4,050. Keg washer $3,600. FV hoses and buckets, transfer pumps and hoses    + other misc parts for brewing. $4,500. More photo's available, asking prices are open for discussion, call or email with your questions.

Used Product Ad posted 4 days ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Brandon Roberts

We are selling our Portland Kettle Works 2 bbl electric brewhouse, cellaring vessels, Foeder Crafters oval foeder, temperature controls, G&D Chillers 7h, pump cart, PKW keg washer, counterflow plate chiller etc. This unit is perfect for a small brewpub pushing about 2.25 bbl per brew. It includes 2 jacketed/insulated 2 bbl unitanks from PKW and 3 jacketed 2 bbl unitanks from PKW. With the 2023 7 bbl SsBrewtech fermenter and 2023 7 bbl SsBrewtech brite, some small distribution is possible. For your souring or lagering program we have a 5 bbl Foeder Crafters oval foeder with chiller plate. Each PKW cellaring unit and foeder has its own Bellimo valves with tank sensors and PKW control box. The SsBrewtech units have their own temp co from valves and boxes. Carb stones, sampling valves, hydrometers, clamps, etc. The 2019 PKW brewhouse, 2022 PKW keg washer and 2021 G&D Chiller 7h are 3...

Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Daniel Gray

Complete 7 BBL BIAC brewing system, comes with 4 additional 7 BBL fermenters.  In use only one year.  Additional 1.5 BBL pilot system. Brewha Aeration stone, filters, CIP sprayer. Grain mill and scales, Lindr chillers, Kito hoist, gantry, steam blower, wort heat exchanger, water filtration equipment, hydrometer, hop filter. Shanks, 8 perlick taps with 3 growler adapters, Crowler seamer, drip tray and glass rinsers, carbonation machine, 34 kegs, keg washer and filler, all necessary meters, filters, regulators, clamps, fittings, hoses, tools, ladders. Full equipment list available upon request. All equipment is professionally packed in crates and upon pallets,  ready to ship from eastern TN.    

Used Product Ad posted 8 months ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Sound Brewing Systems

PERFECT BREWPUB SHOWPIECE!  Priced to Go! 10HL ( 8 - 9 BBL) three Vessel Brewing - Copper clad; beautiful showpieces for your tap room and/or brew pub. Made in the mid 90's by Bavarian Brewing Technologies USA; has been making great beer in Colorado for the past 5 years.  Support equipment included in the sale - 5 FV's and 3 Brites;  Grain mill, auger & grist case,  water filter and heat exchanger. Selling everything together is preferred but are open to separating pieces - Full list and file of high res photo's available - call or email! Transport expenses are the responsibility of the buyer  

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