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Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Bottling Equipment by Scott Vaccaro

BUILT FOR SPEED AND EFFECIENCY! Complete downstream automation from your labeler!  Comes with accumulation table before the 6 pack packer. capable of 6pk and 4pk - erects and stuffs with bottles and sends downstream on conveyors to the case erector/stuffer Case packer - can fill loose 12, loose 24 packs, 4 pack and 6 packs.   Set up for beer bottles, but with change parts it can be used for other bottle sizes Capable of 9000 bph for info and pricing

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Bottling Equipment by Samuel Scoggin

We are looking to sell our very good condition GAI bottling line that we purchased new in 2018. Comes with conveyor tracks, bottle washer/rinser, bottle loading table, capper, bottle labeler, GAI manual, and pneumatic pump. Requires compressed air, water, and co2.  This line would be an ideal packaging system for beer, wine, cider, or other beverages. Can be used for still and/or carbonated products. Comes with parts to do 500ml euro bottles, 500ml ORBC bottles, and 12oz ORBC bottles. The line can be adjusted to different bottle types with change parts from Prospero. Prospero has a parts and service department, and can assist with install and customer service regarding the machine.  This is a 12 head filler, and we run at about 2000 bottles of beer per hour. It can be adjusted to be faster or slower depending on needs and product; with a max speed of about 6000/hr. Good as new, and includes all necessary parts to start packaging! We also have...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Casey McCauley

Very reliable KTM Troxler circular automated bottling unit (TA14) and dual corker/capper (TV2000-TWIN) for sale. Includes 330 mL and 750 mL star spacers. Buyer must cover rigging/shipping. Please message for more information.

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Adam Shay

Design Machine & Mfg Cartoner, Model CTS-25, S/N 2053.  Dims 74"H x 6'W x 18'6"L.  Was purchased used and never installed; was used by previous owner to combine two 12-pks of 12 oz bottles into a carton of 24.  Complete list of 40+ available items can be provided upon request.

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Alex Unger

PRICE REDUCED - For sale is a used GAI 3031FM-BIER-001 Monoblock automated bottling machine that was built and purchased new in 2014.   $55,000 OBO Electrical: 220V / 3 phase/ 60Hz 12 head rotary rinser 12 head rotary counter-pressure filler Single station crowner Includes mass flow to single-file infeed conveyor External bottle rinser on outfeed conveyor Set up for 12oz longneck bottles, does not include changeover parts (available from Prospero Equipment, GAI's USA rep) Volumetric throughput: 1,200 L/hr (317 gal/hr or 10.2 bbl/hr) (Manufacturer Spec) Speed: 600-3,000 bottles per hour (Manufacturer Spec), we ran 12oz bottles at 50 bottles/min consistently Schneider Electric PLC and HMI Stainless steel construction Safety guarding in accordance with CE standards

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by brewrepublic1

2011 M6 6-HEAD MEHEEN BOTTLING LINE, FULLY-AUTOMATED, PNEUMATIC POWERED FILLER CAN PRODUCE UP TO 2,300 BOTTLES PER HOUR, INCLUDING AUTO CLEANING AND SANITIZING. FILLING HEADS / CROWNERS: 6, BOTTLE DIAMETER CAPABILITY: 1.5-3 DIAMETER, AIR FLOW: 15 CFM @ 90 PSI. Used 6-head Meheen bottle filler for sale. Used sparingly over the course of the last couple years by our brewery but we are no longer in need of it. Machine is in great shape generally but not currently working due to it needing some repairs. Can run up to 80 cases an hour when dialed in. Description from our brewer of issues: It's hard to completely diagnose without starting to fix it. The capper is definitely at least part way broken, because of both the rotating magnet and possibly the actual capping mechanism The rest of, and the primary problem is around it not being able to pass a pressure...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Mark Deno

Great Condition! 2016 Meheen M6 Bottler & 2016 Meheen ML Labeler Package Deal $15,000 OBO.  Set-up for 22oz Bomber Style Bottles (we have 4 pallets of empty 22oz bomber bottles available as well...), counter pressure bottle filler, automatic crowner, and automatic labeler with packoff table, two rinsing trays and owner manuals included. Buyer is responsible for Crating and freight logistics, ships from Atlanta, GA. ***MOTIVATED SELLER!***

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Kabir Gambhir

Fillmore X6 bottle filler is simple and easy to use! We bought this item new with the upgraded temperature and pressure sensors (model X6) for a little more than $10K with shipping.  I also worked with an engineering firm to design and upgrade the capper heads with better pneumatic cylinders for $2K so we could easily cap our bottles with twist-off caps. Website: Specs: We have 1488 stubby 12-oz brown bottles in 24-pack boxes that will also come with the purchase, including bottles caps in assorted colors.  The value of the bottles and caps are $1200.  The bottles will be given to anyone who picks up the bottling equipment in person at no extra charge.  It's the best way to get started bottling your beverages. Additional info: we primarily bottled stubby 12 ounce bottles. The bottling and capping heads can easily be adjusted to accommodate smaller or larger 750mL...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Matt Giffen

The filler and labeler were manufactured in 2017 by the Italian company GAI. Until this month, the filler and labeler was in use at Bench Brewing where it filled beer in 500 ml bottles. The machine has already been dismantled and can be inspected. Technical data 8 rinser positions 8 filling stations 1 capping station 220V-3PH Rotary Labeler - hard to find Change over parts included (star wheel) for generic 500ml and custom Great condition Extremely well maintained The automatic rotary labeler is a great complement to the 881 filler complete with conveyor. This filler/labeler/conveyor has been in use since 2018. Lots of pictures and documents available upon request.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Scott Vaccaro

We have a used Case Sealer for sale.   This served us well for many years, but we are not longer using it. we upgraded the PLC so you can easily program in new case sizes, and added a date coder for the cases. the unit was working great when we took it out of service. make an offer

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Frank Schiffner

Selling a 4 head counter pressure filler. Purchased used last year from Pivo Brewing, before switching to cans. No longer need, works great once it is correctly setup and adjustments made. Improvments were made to the crowner to prevent bottles getting stuck.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Alex Unger

NON-OPERATIONAL Kosme Extra Fix 720 9T S2 E2 being sold for spare parts, a repair project, or scrap value.  One of the label stations does not rotate.

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