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Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Boilers by Josh Watterson

We have a used Rite 150s Boiler that needs a new home. We bought it used from a brewing operation in Iowa but ended up using another boiler that came with our brewhouse system. We have had 2 seperate Boiler techs look this unit over and both said it's in amazing shape. More pictures of the unit upon request. Right now its just sitting on a pallet at our brewery so we can get it your way without dissmantling fees. Its a 35 HP Rite 150s manufactured in California. Great unit for a great price. *Its from a brewery that no longer exists so if you bring it into a state that needs a Fitness for service test you would need to get that acquired.. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Cheers!

Used Product Ad posted 8 months ago in Boilers by Sound Brewing Systems

AJAX low pressure steam boiler was removed in operating condition. Make up water and blow-down tank included. Contact for more details.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Boilers by Chris Mitus

We received this boiler as a package deal to get some other equipment but don't need it since we already have a boiler.  Previous owner was a distillery that went out of business. Includes one blowdown tank and condensate return feedwater tank. All equipment is in good working condition and disassembled for east transportation. Boiler: Brand: Rite Boiler Model # 250 S Manufacture Date 2016 __________________ Blowdown Tank: Brand: Rite Boiler Model # BDTLPS2448 Manufacture Date 2016 ___________________ Condensate Return Feedwater Tank: Brand: Rite Boiler Model # CR 100 Manufacture Date 2016

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Boilers by Kevin Shaw

2013 50 hp Parker boiler for sale.  This boiler was in service from late 2013 until 2022 when it was taken offline because of an expansion and the need for a larger boiler.  The boiler has been well maintained, received regular servicing and has passed all boiler inspections.  We are looking to move this boiler quickly so please make an offer.   * As always interesting trades considered

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Boilers by Josh Lubach

Low pressure, 760,000 btu, 18hp, natural gas steam boiler. (Rite Steam Boiler) (Price in USD)

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Boilers by michael daly

Never used Columbia Boiler. 50 HP 2,250,000 BTU/hr. Was intended for a big brewery expansion with a 30 bbl brew system, but costs got to high and we had to abandon those plans. We received it in august of 2022, and it's just been in storage ever since. Asking 35K. Price is negotiable.

Used Product Ad posted 8 months ago in Boilers by Sound Brewing Systems

Peerless Boiler series 211A, 5hp (161,000 btu output) Sold with Trane c-gam 20 Chiller.  All cast iron, very robust and in very good to excellent condition.  Top quality 6 inch welded manifold piping is included. All equipment is ready to rig out and ship.  Price is for both units and supporting piping.  Located in Colorado, the owner is retiring and selling everything. Packing and shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.  

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Boilers by Adam Shay

Raptor Firetube Velocity Propane Fuel Boilers; two available; 399k BTU/Hr.  Asking $3200 each.  Other equipment is also available.

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Boilers by Aurelio Ramirez

This boiler came with a steam Brewhouse we purchased used. We are not using this boiler after all. According to the previous seller it was in working condition. We never tried to fire it up. $1000 obo single phase 220k btu

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