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New Product Ad posted 6 months ago in Fermenters by Craftmaster Stainless

30bbl Jacket Uni-tanks $12,900.00 30bbl Jacket Brite Tanks $12,700.00 We have great shipping rates from California shoot us an email or give us a call! 916-750-4677 or Craftmaster Stainless You can’t brew top-notch beer in just any fermentation container. Our jacketed unitanks provide only the best specifications for the fermentation, maturation, and sedimentation stages of the beermaking process. In fact, these conical vessels can even serve as a specialized brite tank for beer carbonation with the right fittings. This feature makes our stainless-steel beer fermentation tanks the ideal solution for smaller brewery facilities that need to conserve space. Scroll down to read a list of our different unitank fermenters. You can even give us a call at the number listed with any questions you may have. Our team of brewery equipment specialists can walk you through the process of choosing the right model of unitanks for your needs. KEY...

New Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Keg Washers by Craftmaster Stainless

Check out the website link below!!  Give us a call @ 916-750-4677 Check out the YouTube Testimonial below!! KEGGERNAUT SEMI-AUTOMATIC KEG WASHER The Semi-Automatic Keg Washer features a Siemens interface, giving brewers/beverage makers full touch-screen control over wash cycle timing and temperature settings. With two cleaning stations the Keggernaut Beer Keg Washer is designed to wash two kegs of any size and is capable of cleaning up to 40 kegs per hour depending on the length of the wash cycle. Simply engage the couplers invert the kegs and press start! Kegs are automatically washed sanitized and pressurized within minutes. By using this semi-auto beer keg cleaning equipment, you have quick and easy access to all the transport containers you could ever need for your product. So, if you’re interested in having a keg washing system for your own brewery, contact us at CraftMaster Stainless. You can also review the features...

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