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Used Product Ad posted 4 months ago in Yeast by Craftmaster Stainless

Call Now 916-750-4677 or Check out the website   CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR SIZES AND PRODUCT VIDEOS..... 1/6 BBL, YEAST BRINK 1/2 BBL, YEAST BRINK 1 BBL, YEAST BRINK   Running a brewery means understanding the ins and outs of harvesting and re-pitching yeast for reuse in later batches. Trying to use new yeast every single time you brew isn’t just bad from a financial standpoint; it also means you won’t get a consistent product, and you waste a lot of perfectly good yeast. Propagating yeast and storing it properly for later use is crucial to breweries of all sizes. We’ll explore the difference between yeast brinks and yeast propagation to better understand how to use yeast effectively. WHAT DOES A YEAST BRINK DO? A yeast brink is a storage tank that brewers use to keep yeast safe before use in the next fermentation process....

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At CraftMaster Stainless, we create high-quality brewing equipment ideal for your brewery. We offer multi-vessel, three-vessel, two-vessel, and custom brewhouse systems that fit brewers of all shapes and sizes. If you’re an experienced brewer looking to upgrade brewing efficiency and control, our pro line three-vessel brewing system is an excellent way to graduate to high-quality brewing. We also offer large free-standing and skid mount systems in sizes ranging from 1 BBL to 60 BBL, including 10 BBL custom brewing systems that will suit for your specific brewery. Pro Line Custom Brewhouses can be configured to your precise needs, and we can provide the needed consulting for your expanding business or your new start-up business. Get a quote on a new pro line three-vessel brewing system today, or contact our helpful staff if you have any questions. Craftmaster Stainless Call @ 916-750-4677 WWW.CRAFTMASTERSTAINLESS.COM MACK@CRAFTMASTERSTAINLESS.COM              

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Currently in stock and ready to ship from California!!! Brand New!! BLOWOUT PRICING!!!  60bbl Jacket Uni-Tanks, All Hardware Included!  $16,900.00ea 60bbl Jacketed Brite Tanks, All Hardware Included! $16,9000ea Check out the website for more details or call 916-705-4677 Ext 2 CAD PRINTS AVAILABLE WEBSITE ABOVE!    Interior/Exterior Tig welded 304 Stainless Steel • 3mm interior tank wall thickness • 2mm exterior shell wall thickness • 3” polyurethane insulation on shell and cone (chloride free) • 2B sanitary interior polish (pickled and passivated) • 4N exterior polish (sanitary) • Adjustable feet with anchor holes • Operating pressure 20psi (Tested at 30psi) • 3/4” FNPT for glycol attachment • Full rotating racking arm/ DIN Fitting • Full shadowless side man way door (15”x17”) • 20psi pressure/vacuum relief valve • Thermometer Gauge With Thermo well • Perlick style sample valve • Oversized 2” bottom outlet with 2”-1.5” reducer (included) • 1/2”...

Used Product Ad posted 4 months ago in Fermenters by Craftmaster Stainless

30bbl Jacket Uni-tanks $12,900.00 30bbl Jacket Brite Tanks $12,700.00 We have great shipping rates from California shoot us an email or give us a call! 916-750-4677 or Craftmaster Stainless You can’t brew top-notch beer in just any fermentation container. Our jacketed unitanks provide only the best specifications for the fermentation, maturation, and sedimentation stages of the beermaking process. In fact, these conical vessels can even serve as a specialized brite tank for beer carbonation with the right fittings. This feature makes our stainless-steel beer fermentation tanks the ideal solution for smaller brewery facilities that need to conserve space. Scroll down to read a list of our different unitank fermenters. You can even give us a call at the number listed with any questions you may have. Our team of brewery equipment specialists can walk you through the process of choosing the right model of unitanks for your needs. KEY...

Used Product Ad posted 4 months ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Craftmaster Stainless

1BBL , 2BBL, and 3.5BBL  "Game Changer Series" Brewhouses by Craftmaster Stainless  Game Changer 3-Vessel Brewhouse systems by Craftmaster Stainless are built and designed with many of the same great features as our Pro Line Brewhouse Systems. The 3-Vessel Game Changer system is ideal for homebrew hobbies, entry-level Micro Breweries, Pilot Brewing System, or full-scale Nano-Brewery production. If you are a larger scale Brewery the Game Changer system makes a perfect Pilot system for test batches letting you experiment and create many different recipes to keep your customers’ pallet satisfied! You can find out more information by calling 916-750-4677 or visiting our website at   1BBL INLINE Nano Brewhouse Information click below..... $14,900.00 2BBL INLINE Nano Brewhouse Information click below.....$18,900.00 2BBL DECK Nano Brewhouse Information click below....$25,900.00 3.5BBL DECK Nano Brewhouse Information click below....$35,900.00    

Used Product Ad posted 4 months ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Craftmaster Stainless

CraftMaster Stainless proudly offers the most innovative brewing equipment that helps brewers save time to create even more delicious beer. The latest addition to our equipment inventory is the Cordless Portable Flow Meter, which is a device that can be used to precisely measure the flow of liquid. Monitoring flow rate and tracking total yield are key components in reducing product loss in Breweries and many other industries! Purchase a Cordless Portable Flow Meter today for your brewery at CraftMaster Stainless, or contact our expert staff if you have any questions about the Flow Meter or any other brewing equipment in our inventory. Free shipping!!! 

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