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New Product Ad posted 5 months ago in Other Cooling and Heating Equipment by Thermal Care

Thermal Care, a leading manufacturer of process cooling equipment, has announced the commercial launch of a new feature-rich line of mold temperature controllers, the Aquatherm RQT Series. Units are available with three different, simple-to-operate control options: premium, advanced and standard. All maintain consistent temperatures and provide real time data to match the exact requirements of a process to keep it running smoothly. The most notable controller option is the new PLC touchscreen HMI on the RQT Premium. “It’s all about the controls,” according to Chris Garich, Product Manager at Thermal Care. He added, “the RQT Series controllers come with a number of features and options that our competitors do not offer. For example, the RQT Premium and Advanced units monitor actual data and trends in digital pressure and digital flow via the PLC for much greater accuracy and control than using standard meters found on a typical temperature controller. Combine...

New Product Ad posted 5 months ago in Chillers by Thermal Care

Thermal Care recently updated their chiller product lines with EPA approved low Global Warming Potential (GWP) R-454B  and R-513A refrigerants. This release is significantly ahead of upcoming legislation to phase out high-GWP refrigerants that contribute to climate change. Governments around the world are implementing regulations to phase out refrigerants they believe pose too much risk to global warming including R-134a and R-410A which are commonly used in chillers. The multitude of rulings and enforcement dates, along with the tight deadlines of state regulations have left manufacturers facing challenges in complying.  Combined with the fact that low-GWP refrigerants have different thermodynamic properties than high-GWP refrigerants, so major component changes are required, many companies may find themselves unprepared or unable to produce equipment with the new components needed. Thermal Care has researched and prepared for these changes for the past two years and is ready to provide the appropriate solutions to meet...

New Product Ad posted 5 months ago in Chillers by Thermal Care

NQ Series chillers come standard using an advanced PLC control system with ModBus RTU and a 7-inch color touch screen.  This robust control system provides premium performance and extensive diagnostic capabilities with a wide range of communication options including Modbus, BACnet, and LonWorks. Screen layouts are improved to simplify finding data in an easy to follow format. Pressure sensors are now included as part of the control system package for even more reliable and accurate information. The NQ Series control panel cabinetry is also redesigned to include an ergonomic sloped top for easy viewing and access. NQ Series glycol chillers are available from 4 to 40 tons in air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote condenser models for indoor and outdoor applications.

New Product Ad posted 5 months ago in Chillers by Thermal Care

Thermal Care offers an outdoor packaged chiller, designed with the flexibility to provide process cooling year-round, with a wider range of operating conditions than comparable models. Accuchiller KSE Series chillers are fully packaged, integral air-cooled outdoor units manufactured to work in the harshest weather environments. Units are factory tested and ready for easy installation; just run piping and power to the unit and it is set for operation. One of the great features of this new outdoor chiller is the variety of climates where it can be used. Energy saving variable speed EC fans allow the chiller to withstand ambient conditions from -20°F to 125°F. As an added bonus, the process fluid circuit allows for more flexibility with a set point temperature range from 20°F to 80°F. KSE Series chillers come with an advanced outdoor PLC control system with ModBus TCP/IP & RTU and a 7-inch color touch screen similar...

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