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Used Product Ad posted 3 hours ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by DEANNA MURPHY

PRICE REDUCTION!!! $10,000 or Best Offer This is a brand new, never used 3 bbl (150 gal) Electric Boil Kettle that was purchased for a new location. We have decided on a new direction and not opening the taproom. Our loss is great for someone else. Set up for 110; 6 heating elements, level sensor, electric thermometer setting, touch screen control box that also controls multiple pumps and detachable spray ball on lid. Contact Kevin @ 810-360-7495 via text message with any questions. This can also have some fabrication done and used for distilling..

Used Product Ad posted 8 hours ago in Yeast by Doug Yaremko

We have 3 cases of SafAle Yeast we no longer require.  The yeast expires between February and November 2024.  We would like to see the yeast used if someone has need for it. 2 cases of K-97 and 1 case of T-58.  Packets are 11.5 grams.  Cost price USD$225 We also have a bunch of recently expired yeast including S-33, T-58, BE-134, K-97, and BE-256.  A total of about 133 packets.  Cost price USD$275. It is all yours for USD$100 plus shipping if you can use it!  We are shrinking the range of yeast offered in our retail store. Thanks

Used Product Ad posted 21 hours ago in Canning Materials by whalers

Changing packaging format and have a few extra pallets of new, unused, black PakTechs, $70 per box of 510 or $2,500 per pallet of 20,400.

Used Product Ad posted 1 day ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Michael Bedrosian

I have a 3 vessel brewhouse for sale.  It's an old converted dairy system set up for direct fire.  It's a 10 BBL system but the kettle and HLT are oversized, so you could probably squeeze out 15 BBLs for most beers.  We got it before we settled on a location for our brewery, and it ended up being too big for our space so we're forced to downsize. Here's the details: 325 gallon mash/lauter tun with grain out door and 3 piece slotted false bottom 595 gallon kettle with tangental whirlpool and a ton of ports on the sides 650 gallon HLT, also with plenty o' ports "China Special" 2-stage heat exchanger.  The data plate is in Chinese but the thing is a beast.  Ports for wort in/out, cold water in/out, and glycol/chilled water in/out. The system was designed for "turkey fryer" style burners and an open firebox (burners...

Used Product Ad posted 1 day ago in Canning Equipment by dale patterson

ABE Craftcan 35 in perfect working condition.  Maintenance always kept up to date.  Recently replaced fill lines and all gaskets.  Currently in production but we are moving to a faster line.  This fills consistently at 62 cases per hour (16oz cans).  Includes full height automatic depal from ABE as well as everything needed to switch from 12oz to 16oz cans, including both 12oz and 16oz twist rinse.  Includes Videojet Date Coder that works great.  We do have a lot of spare and replacement parts that will be included, as well as ink for the date coder.  

Used Product Ad posted 1 day ago in Kegging Equipment by Bobby Myers

Used GW Kent Manual Keg Washer. Purchased this year but never used and we will not be needing it anymore. Workhorse unit and in great shape. Located in Gastonia, NC. •   Output: 15 - 20 kegs / hour •   Frame in 304 stainless steel mounted on caster. •   Control with manual valves. •   Caustic tank with titanium electric heater 3 kw. •   Sankey cleaning coupler with washdown hose set up. •   Stainless steel centrifugal pump 3-phase 220 V. •   Thermometer & pressure gauge •   Quick disconnect to air & CO 2 supply line •   Detergent tank volume 20 gallon

Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Canning Equipment by Makayla Gill

This is a set of three twist rinses and a 64 inch MCE MatTop conveyor frame. This conveyor can be fitted and wired to a depal.  There is no VFD included. The twist rinses are for 211 standard 12oz, 16oz and 19.2oz cans. The twist rinses measure roughly 106 inches in length, with an 8 1/4 inch infeed/dead plate and 17 inches of outfeed. The infeeds are bent to fit the conveyor at 116" top of chain at the infeed and 35" top of chain at the outfeed. The twist rinses can be manually swapped at their mounting points. The rinse tunnels have mounting points for rinse nozzles. These were fitted to a Ska Fabricating Can-I-Bus and Twin Monkeys Animas. Dates of use 16oz twist rinse and MatTop Conveyor February 2018 - October 2022 12oz twist rinse October 2020 - October 2022 19.2oz twist rinse August 2022 - October 2022

Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Fermenters by Kim Rice

Three 60 BBL Fermenters - Used and in great condition.  Manufactured by Allied Beverage Tanks.  Each are approximately 15' tall, 6.5' in diameter.  Leg spacing center-to-center is 4'3". Shipping/Moving From Atlanta Location is Not Included.

Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Kim Rice

90 BBL Brite Tank Used - In Great Condition and Ready For New Home. Shipping/Moving from Atlanta location is not included.

Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Bottling Equipment by Joseph Hallock

We have a rotary counter pressure bottling line for sale.  Sold by Prospero.  Depalletizer, GAI nine head bottle rinser, Inline Paradigm 700 labeler, CIMEC eight double pre-evacuation counter pressure filler, Vacuum pump, air knife and rotary collection table.  Will run 32-36 bottles per minute.  One valve will need to be replaced or rebuilt, Prospero carries parts for it.  Asking $37,500.00 f.o.b.

Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Canning Equipment by Joseph Hallock

Oktober MK32 32 oz. can seamer, recent replacement of wear parts.  In good working order, has been trouble free.  $1,200.00

Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Canning Equipment by Ben Acord

Practically brand-new American Brewing Equipment (ABE) Craft Can 35 Canning line.  Originally bought pre Covid for a local contract canning business connected to an existing brewery.   Covid delayed delivery to late 2021 and the line was installed early 2022.   The company took on a few incubator canning clients however due to supply chain and the woes of clients who are new to the alcohol space, this canning line only ever ran pilot runs of ~10-20,000 cans.   In total it did 4 pilot runs. The line is current set up for 120z sleek cans however with the right twist rinse and a few seamer parts this unit could be adjusted for any size up to 19.2oz. This Line was professionally installed and commissioned by an ABE technician.  It was then fully wiped down, dismantled, and properly secured to custom built pallets (same style as when the unit arrived).  It’s currently stored...

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