UniTank Fermenter (5BBL to 60BBL)

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Maximize Your Brewing Potential with the Superior Fermenter

Unmatched Valve Quality: Experience the assurance of top-tier brewing with all valves sourced from the Alfa Laval joint venture. Our 3A standard piping is not just thicker—it’s safer. Plus, our PRV and PVRV are from a reputed Chinese brand, synonymous with the highest quality and value in the market.

Sanitary Grade Assurance: Our valves and pipe fittings are crafted from sanitary grade 304 stainless steel. The welds are fully formed, polished, and smooth, eliminating any risk of incomplete cleaning or microbial contamination.

Effortless Assembly: Thanks to the tri-clamp connection, our valves are a breeze to assemble and disassemble, streamlining your brewing process.

Innovative Design: The Fermenter’s joint pipe feature allows for seamless connection during the CIP process, making it both novel and practical.

Choose the Fermenter for a brewing experience that’s as refined as the beverages you craft. It’s not just a fermenter—it’s a promise of quality, efficiency, and innovation in brewing.

*Prices may vary*

5BBL- $5,900

7BBL- $6,600

10BBL- $7,400

15BBL- $9,900

20BBL- $12,550

30BBL- $14,550


60BBL- $21,550

+ Additional $300 Temperature Control Setup Available

  • Manufacturer : Redwood Stainless Systems
  • Where Manufactured : China
  • Ships From : Walnut, CA - 91789
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