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Thermal Care, a leading manufacturer of process cooling equipment, has announced the commercial launch of a new feature-rich line of mold temperature controllers, the Aquatherm RQT Series. Units are available with three different, simple-to-operate control options: premium, advanced and standard. All maintain consistent temperatures and provide real time data to match the exact requirements of a process to keep it running smoothly. The most notable controller option is the new PLC touchscreen HMI on the RQT Premium.

“It’s all about the controls,” according to Chris Garich, Product Manager at Thermal Care. He added, “the RQT Series controllers come with a number of features and options that our competitors do not offer. For example, the RQT Premium and Advanced units monitor actual data and trends in digital pressure and digital flow via the PLC for much greater accuracy and control than using standard meters found on a typical temperature controller. Combine this with revolutionary control features like adaptive maximum setpoint – allows the user to operate when their cooling pressures are very low, and adaptive pressure relief – anticipates pressure changes to prevent pressure relief valve activations, both maximize uptime and performance.  The RQT premium takes it one level further showing detailed trending data, logs and charts for tracking performance which are critical to identifying potential issues before they occur.”

Another notable feature on the RQT Premium controller is Recipes. This allows a user to easily store detailed instructions for specific materials or applications.  Other standard features include: intelligent air purge, password protection, electrical phase error, and Modbus TCP/IP and OPC/UA communications. When a process requires less KPIs, the RQT Advanced and RQT Standard PLC controllers come standard with data on set point, actual temperature, pump running hours, temperature deviations and alarms, adjustable alarm delay and trackable heat contactor life.

RQT Series temperature controllers are available from ¾ to 10 HP, 0 kW to 48 kW, in single or dual zone configurations. For more information, visit our web site at

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