Tank Electric Heaters with Thermostats or Digital Controls

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Screw Plug heaters from WATTCO™ consist of hairpin tubular elements that are brazed or welded into a machined pipe thread fitting, (normally an NPT fitting for North American standards) which are then screwed directly through a threaded coupling in the tank wall or vessel, or installed in pipe. Screw plug heaters are an easy way to heat up solutions in smaller containers that also require controls. Mechanical thermostats or Digital control panels can be used with these immersion heaters to help reach target temperatures with great accuracy meeting your project objectives. Additional thermowells can be installed for high limit temperature probes to help protect your liquid and processes.

  • Manufacturer : WATTCO
  • Original Manufacture Date : 06122020
  • Where Manufactured : Canada
  • Ships From : Montreal, Quebec Canada
  • Part Number(s) : WHI
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