Combined keg filler and keg washer maching ( $6,600 )


New Product Ad posted 9 months ago in Keg Washers by Shandong Weike Machinery Equipment Co.

1、Main specifications and dimensions

Working table size 1170mm×450mm
Working table height 750mm
Outer size 1200mm×1350mm×1900mm
Maximum stroke of cylinder 300mm
Net weight 185Kg
Power 2 KW
Production capacity 40~45keg/hour (50L)
Cleaning method Cleaning upside down

2、Technical parameter

Air pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
CO2Air pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa
Cylinder valve pressure 0.4~0.5Mpa
CO2Back pressure valve pressure 0.15~0.2Mpa
Air flush valve pressure 0.2Mpa
steam pressure 0.2Mpa
voltage 3 phase AC400V  50Hz
power 2KW
  • Manufacturer : Shandong Weike Machinery Equipment Company
  • Where Manufactured : China
  • Ships From : Jinan
Contact Details

Available from
East Ring International, Second Ring East Road Phone: +86-15650563006 *****  Allied Trade Profile

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