A Used 5bbL (600L) Brewery System for Sale ( $35,000 )

Used Product Ad posted 5 months ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by SKE Equipment Limited

A used 5bbL (600L) 2-Vessels Brewery System in Stock,

  • Including,
    • 2-vessels Brewhouse, mash/lauter tun + kettle/whirlpool tank, Electric heating
    • 2 x 5bbL FV, and 2 x 5bbL BBT, vertically stacked
    • Cooling system, glycol tank & chiller, etc
    • Auxiliary equipment, such as malt miller, portable pump, etc
  • Using Time, 2 years
  • Manufacturer, SKE (in Ningbo, China)
  • Price, EXW Price (35,000 USD)

PLs contact us for more technical docs and details if you’re interested in it.


  • Manufacturer : SKE
  • Where Manufactured : China
  • Ships From : China
Contact Details

Available from SKE Equipment Limited
Chengdong Industrial Park,No.15, Yinghua Road,Ningbo city,, ZheJiang 315708
 Phone: +86 151 5384 5207 ***** SKE Equipment Limited Allied Trade Profile

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