Wynkoop’s Hickenlooper Runs for Mayor of Denver

John Hickenlooper, well known in the craft beer industry as brewpub pioneer and industry supporter, is running for election as mayor of Denver.
There are numerous candidates on the ballot, but the race has boiled down to what the Rocky Mountain News calls a “three-way horse race” – with Hinkenlooper as one of the top three contenders. Hickenlooper has garnered great interest and popularity since officially announcing his bid for election in January. While the other two candidates have extensive political and bureaucratic backgrounds, Hickenlooper stands out among the residents of Denver as a prudent, successful and involved businessman, brewpub entrepreneur and civic leader.

In January and February, he matched the other two candidates nearly dollar for dollar in fund raising. Currently he has the largest amount of available cash-on-hand to fuel the closing months of the campaign. Hickenlooper’s campaign stressed that he has spent the least amount of money among the three candidates and has the most money on hand. “John runs a lean, tight ship,” said Hickenlooper spokeswoman Lindy Eichenbaum Lent. “He’ll be just as frugal with taxpayers’ dollars.”

The general election is May 6th. If none of the candidates receive 50.1% or more of the vote, which appears likely to happen, a run-off election will be held on June 3rd. To find out more about Hickenlooper’s campaign you can visit his web site at www.hickenlooperformayor.com. – Tom McCormick

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